Australian Uses eBay To Resell EA's Charitable Humble Bundle At A Profit

Mark Serrels of Kotaku AU writes: The EA Humble Bundle isn’t just a great deal for gamers, with multiple great titles being offered a reasonable price, it’s also a great gesture by EA itself. Most Humble Bundles send a percentage of profits to various charities and allow users to choose how much goes where, but with EA’s bundle each and every cent of revenue goes to charity. This is what makes the acts of eBay user jazz_singh.88 all the more problematic.

Because in this eBay auction Australian user jazz_singh.88 is selling the Origin keys from the games in the Humble Bundle to unknowing consumers for a flat $10 fee, presumably buying multiple copies of the bundle at close to the average asking price in the humble bundle (currently $4.82) and taking the profit for himself.

UPDATE: eBay has now removed the auction, and sent us the following statement.

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