Diehard GameFAN: The Curse of Shadow House Review

DHGF: The Curse of Shadow House is a wonderful homage to the classic first person point and click adventure games of the 80s and 90s. If you liked Shadowgate or Dracula: Resurrection, you will more than likely love this game. With a price tag of only ninety-nine cents, Shadow House is an amazing, albeit linear, deal that should make any adventure game fan happy. A warning though – the game is exceptionally buggy and you may have to restart from the beginning due to this. The good news is that the patch is scheduled to go live shortly (perhaps even by the time this review goes live), so you should have a much smoother experience with Shadow House than I did.

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Vednor2818d ago

I agree with the game being fun but definitely needs fixing of some bugs quickly.

XerockX2817d ago

Hey guys and gals! The next update should go live tomorrow. In the mean time, I pulled the game from the store after finding that nasty missing items bug. I appreciate ya checking it out people! Thanks and sorry if the glitch caused any headaches. Working on my coding skills! (And my testing methods!)