Edge - TitanFall Preview

Edge:Mecha are stupid. There already exists a mobile weapons platform capable of dispensing a variety of munitions and traversing almost any terrain at high speed. It’s called a tank, and the reasons why you’d replace it with an unstable bipedal walking target are entirely silly – and largely beside the point when the hows are more interesting than the whys. Stand a tank on two legs and you don’t get a better tank, but you might get a better mecha.

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Vednor2818d ago

Nice preview! One of those shooters I'm really looking forward to play.

bunfighterii2818d ago

This is the only thing that makes me want an xbone right now.

MEGAxPAIN2818d ago

No ones making you buy anything so STFU. Its also for PC and Xbox 360 so just get it for one of them dumbshit.

malokevi2818d ago



anywhoo... this game is going to be awesome. Wish it was a launch day title, but at least I know I have something to look forward to in 2014.

MWH2818d ago

one of those days? take it easy.

Prototype_79L2818d ago

Timed exclusive, be patient and play it on PS4

Sleepless2818d ago

If it turns out right, and probably will, I am done with COD

GodGinrai2818d ago

As awesome as BF4 is (I will be buying it day one)...This is the game that is going to steal the thunder from COD. It just has.. "it", written all over it. remember that feeling you got the first time you saw halo 1 in action? or Cod 4? This game is ticking all the right boxes.

Sleepless2818d ago

As much as I love how bf4 is looking, I still have some doubts about it because I was excited about bf3 too but I didnt like it so much when I played it didnt feel as polished as COD. IMHO

SuperLupe2818d ago

I heard it will be playable at Gamescom. Cant wait to get some more feedback on this game.

Brix902818d ago

It's only negative is its not a multiplatform game yet but I got a 360 so I guess I won't be missing out.

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