Edge- The Wonderful 101 Review

Edge:The Wonderful 101 draws on ideas from Kamiya’s previous games – Viewtiful Joe’s cartoonish charm, Okami’s brushstroke mechanic, Bayonetta’s setpieces – but in concert they’re messy, hamstrung by cluttered visual design and a clumsy central mechanic. Stretched over a large frame, they wear thin quickly. There’s a good game in here, but it’s smothered by the need to conform to its host platform’s feature set, and a distorted concept of value for money.

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boybato2829d ago

Lowest review I've seen so far... although admittedly most of them games who gets 'mixed reviews' turns out a winner for me.

G20WLY2829d ago

Blistered thumbs gave it 3/10! But I have seen another give it 9/10.

It's mostly getting 6-8/10 it seems, so it seems to be quite good.

KonsoruMasuta2829d ago

Most of the reviews are 8-10. The ones below 8 are in a minority.

Realplaya2829d ago

This is the only 6 I have seen but it ranks in the 8 range.

G20WLY2829d ago (Edited 2829d ago )

^Gamesradar gave it 6 as well, with Metro and CVG giving it 7. IGN gave it 7.4, which, I agree, seems fair looking at all reviews so far. I'll try the demo and decide for myself.

PSjesus2829d ago

I thought Edge team love Platinum games
it seems w101 controller really that bad
hope Bayonetta well be better

gpturbo812828d ago

i had no problem controlling anything in the demo. they gotta find something to bitch about...

ritsuka6662829d ago (Edited 2829d ago )

All Nintendo exclusives get nitpicked and overly criticized to death in Edge. So,What next Nintendo exclusive will get attacked. Donkey Kong tropical freeze,Mario 3D world??

gpturbo812828d ago

2 people are in denial. review scores mean nothing anyway.

ChickenOfTheCaveMan2828d ago (Edited 2828d ago )

It's about time somebody does it?
Nintendo still has a free pass overall.

_QQ_2828d ago

"Nintendo Still has a free pass"
if anything Nintendo is always expected to pump out halo4 gears judgement both over 9.5 ign, GTA4 10/10 ign highest meta critic, Uncharted 3 10/10 ign, Last of Us 10/10 ign and terrible AI wasn't mentioned once in the review. but of course nintendo is the one getting a free pass.

from the beach2829d ago

Surprised it's not getting knockout 9/10s across the board.

This is an action game from Platinum, after all..

Blacklash932829d ago

"There’s a good game in here, but it’s smothered by the need to conform to its host platform’s feature set..."

-_- Can't they just reveiw the game? It seems like if a new concept doesn't work out well on the Wii U, they immediately blame the system itself rather than the game.

jaymart2829d ago

Biggest complaints I'v see are the Controls.

I'd rate the demo a 8.5. I got use to the controls on my 2nd playthrough.