Shadow Peak: Putting Real Actors back into Video Games

GamR Mag writes, "Kitatus Studios has decided to go retro with their newest title, “Shadow Peak” for the PC and Mac. The studio has decided that cutscenes will no longer feature faceless voice actors in a recording booth but will instead incorporate real-life actors in pre-recorded footage."

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KonsoruMasuta2285d ago

Sounds awkward.

I hope it nothing like Night Trap. That game may have been cool and controversial years ago but to me it's just a really awkward cheese fest full of bad acting.

ziggurcat2285d ago

these games were never good.

-Gespenst-2285d ago

I really want to play this!

ifritAlkhemyst2285d ago

Man, these games don't need to come back. They never had any redeeming qualities to begin with.