Metal Gear Saga Vol. 2 VIDEO: We ripped the MGS4 pre-order DVD exclusive only to early birds

Straight from our generous retailer, we got our hands on a copy of Metal Gear Saga Vol. 2, the DVD you get when you pre-order this June's highly anticipated Metal Gear Solid 4. No need to slap down five bones for this pre-order swag however, because we ripped all 23 minutes and shoved them on our site for your viewing pleasure.

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sonarus3845d ago (Edited 3845d ago )

lol this was inevitable

But seriously speaking, MGS4 has the best IN GAME cut scenes for any game this gen.

Its all on youtube

chaosatom3333845d ago

Vol. 1, where is it?

i wish they put it on PSN netwrok or something.

Expy3845d ago

Free beta.... Pre-order and cancel the pre-order... You keep the swag.

himdeel3845d ago

Thanks Gamesradar for posting that!

truncheon3845d ago

but its nice to have good clean rips for those who care. And you don't have to sit through the shaky-cam of d00ds narrating while they open the box and put the disc in.

Guwapo773845d ago

Just about everyone that gives a damn about this game already has it on pre-order and have already seen it.

Thanks for the effort though. Got the copy on the dresser.

xionpunk3845d ago

Actually , no. Metal Gear is my favorite series and I haven't pre-ordered, so I was waiting for someone to post this. Hoo-ray.