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It remains a fact that we all feel attracted to the classics. How else do you explain the success of films like 300 and Gladiator and games like Total War: Rome II ? It's just very nice to see someone parading as Maximus on the battlefield doorklievend heads of enemies with his sword, barking orders towards his companions. And even more when you can take the reins. Owned as a gamer at all On the Xbox 360 we presented such a game krijgten with exclusive Ryse: Son of Rome, but that game was postponed and is now increasingly to appear for Xbox One, Microsoft's next-gen console!

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shivvy242825d ago

QUICKius TIMEious EVENTeas !

theWB272825d ago

It's already been said the combat is closer to the Batman series and the button prompts aren't quick time events.

Quick time event is God of War or like Shenmue...the sequence depends on you pushing the correct button.

These are entirely optional.

TROLLius MAXimus SHIVVYas!!!

CRAIG6672825d ago

The batman mechanic is the first thing I was reminded of when I saw it at E3, Just ignore the fanboys and let them carry on with heavy rain

JunioRS1012825d ago

Then they should have done a better job making the game look quick and snappy instead of slow and methodical.

Ryse combat does not look like Batman combat.

shivvy242825d ago

It was a joke from a parody vid , I already know its not QTE heavy !

The Meerkat2825d ago

QTE or not.

I thought the comment was funny.

Nekroo912825d ago

did you played batman series?! because the gameplay doesent look like it at all .

it seemed slow and boring not excited at all

Williamson2825d ago

GOW didn't have QuickTime events after every enemy you beat, and the game had platforming/other sections as well. But if this game is closer to the batman arkham games then that's good.

FamilyGuy2825d ago (Edited 2825d ago )

First off, why isn't this article translated?

On topic:
It still looks like a Kinect game to me so it looks like trash gameplay wise. I see no resemblance to batman, more like the finishing moves against regular enemies in the God of War games.You know, hit button promts for finishers or just keep attacking normally till they die.

No matter what it resembles, it still DOESN'T LOOK FUN! It looks REALLY BORING. Everything looks slow = way too easy to play. You can't just convert a Kinect game to a controller and expect it to make sense challenge wise.

I don't even think it look good, people claim the graphics are nice but I just don't get it. High resolution, decent poly count does NOT automatically equally visually stunning.

It's a roman war game, everyone is wearing the same armor and helmets and all the enemies are wearing their same bones across the chest armor and bald head. How diverse are these character going to look in the complete game? The main character has a bland face, nothing stands out about him, he doesn't look.. cool.

I really don't get what people like about this game,
Poor, easy gameplay
repetitive actions
Dull character models

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JBSleek2825d ago

Yet no one has an issue when God of War or Heavy Rain does it?

Oh the confusion...

nukeitall2825d ago


Get with the program!

When a Sony game does it, it is pure gaming bliss and not quick time events.

When MS does it, it is the devils work!

dcj05242825d ago

God of war does it only during a boss and heavy rain is more of a Visual Novel with QTEs to tell the story its not a combat focused action game.

Outside_ofthe_Box2825d ago (Edited 2825d ago )


First off God of War isn't QTE heavy, it's a hack n slash so of course one has an issue with QTEs in regards to that game.

Second, people DO criticize Heavy Rain for being QTE heavy. Hell, that's the number one complaint for that game, that it's "just an interactive movie" and that it's "just barely a game, if you can even call it a game."

Hell even you yourself criticize it as such...

No issue when Ryse does it, but Beyond?

Oh the confusion...

Pure gaming bliss when MS does it, it's the devil's work when Sony does it!

Now hit that disagree button despite the validity of my post...

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Fireseed2825d ago

Come on man. Didn't you hear? The game has already proven to be more than QTE's now the fanboys have moved onto pointing out visual glitches in the pre-alpha gameplay. Don't you get the newsletter?

Animal Mutha 762825d ago (Edited 2825d ago )

very witty Shivvy. Made me chuckle anyway.

r212825d ago

shivvy24 is obviously referencing this:

Funny lil video if you arent a fanboy.

shivvy242825d ago

Yep thats the one , I know the games not QTE heavy but I was expecting people to get the joke :/

r212825d ago

Yeaaaah this site has people on the edge so you gotta understand why some folks didnt get the joke. I found it funny though. Matt Lees is a hilarious person XD

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thetruthx12825d ago

How could you not like a Roman story filled with combat and beautiful graphics

Oh and if this was a Quantum Dream game instead of a One exclusive you guys would all over it like lint on denim lol

Animal Mutha 762825d ago

Agreed. If this was a launch PS4 game then the vocal majority on here would be sperming themselves over it.

This game looks great. I wouldnt mind if it was multiplatform as good games should be played by all for the good of the community and industry.

If the combat is more Batman than Conan then all should be good.

trafalger2825d ago

no, the community here would never do that.


indeeded... and likewise, if it was ps4 exclusive, while the ps4 fans would be "sperming themselves over it", no doubt the xbox fans would be saying how rubbish it looks and it's just a bunch of QTE's etc etc...

The same can be said for people on both sides.

dcj05242825d ago

I woupd react the same way if it was on PS4. Just like if Infamous SS was on X1 I'd say inFAMOUS SS looks Incredible on X1!


@ dcj0524

If so then you are one of the few round here..

XboxFun2825d ago

@Dark Witness

Really, show me where the xbox fans said that TLOU or Uncharted didn't look amazing? And i'm not talking about some random one bubble troll I am talking about the same amount of users that troll every Xbox article spouting the same nonsense.

No, it is not the same on both sides.

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FrigidDARKNESS2825d ago

Best looking game so far for next gen hands down.
This pic is an updated graphics from San Diego Comic-con.

Also looking foward to the updated gameplay. The gameplay is similar to GOW im sure the story will be awesome.

Nekroo912825d ago

of course it is son of course

nice for you to pick a up and close photo and everything

infamous ss is an open world and it looks better
more particles better lightning better textures

oh look at the clothes its called real textures

HugoDrax2825d ago

Well from the look of it, Microsoft has their real textures figured out. Something about 3GB fitting into 16MB? This info is a bit above my head as I'm no developer.

Link: 17:00 mark

Nekroo912825d ago

because yes the quality on ryse is great bland textures and lightning

FrigidDARKNESS2825d ago

Infamous ss has lack of shadow details and surface reflections.

M1chl2825d ago

Well this is 2k shot, if Ryse gonna support 2k with this graphics I would be satisfied : )
/not gonna happend