LEGO Games – What Could They Be Building For The Future?

Sean from HeyUGuys Gaming takes some educated guesses about what lies in store for the future of LEGO games.

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porkChop2821d ago

I'd like to see a similar game to Lego City Undercover on next gen systems. However, I'd like the game to have an advanced particle system where the lego bricks can be blown apart with real physics. And to be able to use lego pieces to create my own cars, weapons, house, etc. There's a ton of potential for an open world Lego game. From what I've seen/heard LCU was a decent first attempt, so I'd like to see them try again with a new approach.

TimeSkipLuffy2821d ago (Edited 2821d ago )

I love LEGO games!!! :3 I want more and more of them! ^^
Give each Marvel Hero / Group their own game!
Back to the Future, TMNT and Hobbit would be a great addition... and Simpsons? Hell yeah!

I really hope LEGO Undercover City is a timed exclusive! I want it for my PS4!