Games Radar preview of NASCAR 09

This year's NASCAR 09 will be about driving and making a really long sequence of left turns. Yeah, not much new there, but the brand name racing game from EA does have some new additions in store for racing fans. They've adopted Jeff Gordon (long-time big racing guy) to act as the new mascot and guide people through the game. He had a lot to say (even a new "Ask Jeff" function), but our time was limited, so we just had a quick look at the new features, including a Risk (the boardgame) style Own a Track mode, 14-player online races, the new reputation system and we even got to race a few laps.

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UGA_13932d ago

...This game is going to be a pile of steaming crap.

level 3603932d ago

Great comment there.

Truly the worst, in real as in virtual.