Xbox's Marketplace closure influences Age of Empires Online

According to Microsoft's official announcement, the PC Marketplace will be closed from August 22, 2013, as part of the recent Xbox 360 system update, and Microsoft Points will be retired, too. That means players will not be able to purchase new games, and many MMOs would be affected, like Age of Empires Online.

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Zichu2822d ago

Sucks for people who haven't tried out AoE Online. If you do enjoy AoE and don't have AoE Online, you should definitely try it out. I bought it when it was during a Steam sale.

Luckily I can still play it.

mursumaki2822d ago

Isn't it Free to play game? At least I didn't pay anything for it.

Zichu2822d ago

I can't remember tbh. I remember buying the Expansions, maybe it is free >.<