New GTA V Fan Made Commercial "Three Wise Monkeys" Show GTA V Retail Copy Heists At Rockstar Office

YouTube user "Jb Production" has created new live action commercial (not official, fan-made) for GTA V. A spoof (positive one) will be the right word to describe this footage as it features three lead characters trying to rob Rockstar Games (NYC) office for retail copies of GTA V.

Can you go this far to get your hands on retail copy of GTA V early?.

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ZBlacktt2284d ago

They picked the PS3 copy.... inb4 fanboy war, lol.

Stsonic2284d ago (Edited 2284d ago )

That is because PS3 to this day can still stand up to the best of the modern graphics chips and show next gen visuals while the 360 is still stuck in a late PS2 era.

minimur122284d ago

This is old, repost. the news was submitted the other day and got no where

BaronVonRhett2284d ago (Edited 2284d ago )

they picked both actually, they just played PS3

ZBlacktt2284d ago

They stole both copies actually and only played the PS3.