IGDA announces support groups for harassed devs

MWEB GameZone writer, Stephanie Duchenne, takes a look at The International Game Developers Association's (IGDA) announcement to start a series of support groups for game developers who have found themselves to be the victims of harassment and violent threats from temper-tantrumming gamers.

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schmoe2826d ago

wow. really??. Has it truly come to this??

ShugaCane2826d ago (Edited 2826d ago )

Yes it has. People can be really really stupid, and mean. Some coward 'gamers' feel safe behind their computer screens and cannot contain their frustration, so they do crazy dumb stuff.

Read this

You can blame a dev for not making the game you've been waiting for, but there are limits. We are civilized people, damn. That's just pathetic. Most of the time, the targets are devs who're just following orders from their hierarchy. And even if some do screw up their games, that's not a reason to threat them or their family. Those people are really hurting the image of the gaming community.

HanCilliers2825d ago

Totally agree with you. This is such a bad reflection on the community

Pozzle2825d ago

It's so sad. Gamers should support developers because they're the people who make the games. :(

HanCilliers2826d ago

What does this say about the gaming community :<

Choc_Salties2826d ago

Damn kids and their demanding attitudes...