Ben Heck's Latest Wonder Project: PS3 Laptop

Gizmodo writes:

"It looks like the PS3 is finally getting some hot mod love from console modding's reigning wizard, Ben Heck. We don't really have all the details since he hasn't announced the project yet, but the display looks like it's the one he used for the Xbox 360 Elite laptop, for a true 720p picture. He's obviously been leveling up his already formidable powers though, 'cause this is one of his most polished projects yet."

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barom3844d ago

it looks cool! the work he did on the x360 laptop was awsome, hopefully he will do better with this one.

tweaker3844d ago (Edited 3844d ago )

I was wondering what happened to that PS3 laptop project. He showed a glimpse of it, when G4 interviewed him. It turned out awesome.

Fruit Loops3844d ago

wow this is very impressive

Max Power3844d ago

a girlfriend, a life, and uh another hobby.

but its still incredible

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