Sony’s gamescom press conference predictions

El33tonline writes:

"Sony’s gamescom press conference kicks off next Tuesday, August 20th, at 5pm GMT. The platform holder’s presentation promises to be one of the most exciting events in PlayStation’s nineteen-year history, providing viewers with another opportunity to see the PlayStation 4′s launch line-up and catch a first glimpse of brand new IPs for the platform."

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DeletedAcc2828d ago

Tomorrow cant come soon enough ..


The day is upon us. Can't wait to see more new ups for ps4

christrules00412828d ago

I think you mean more new IPs for the pS4, not ups lol

xxPillsxx2828d ago

Im not asking much, just more PS Vita exlusive games :)

sprinterboy2828d ago

Move only fantasy fps, like a new ip. Anyone remember the cancelled project offset