gamescom 2013 – Microsoft predictions and expectations

El33tonline writes:

"Microsoft’s no-show at gamescom 2012 was notable simply because it showed a lack of confidence in the company’s own Xbox 360 line-up for the holidays and into 2013, and being unable to even hint at its plans for the next generation of games with Xbox One, Microsoft relied on its splashy (but ultimately lacklustre) E3 2012 showcase to get it through the year."

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ArchangelMike2818d ago (Edited 2818d ago )

I predict that Microsoft will look at what Sony's conference is doing with the PS4, and then they'll announce another 180.

Really though, apart from the release date, what have they got left to show? Oh wait they haven't showed their kinect exclusive line up yet. YaY!

BABYLEG2818d ago

Gamers like you are the reason why gamers are looked down on. What's wrong with Kinect exclusives?

I personally find some Kinect games enjoyable.

n4rc2818d ago

I agree with the article that the new game will be the black tusk game.. Which I'm excited to see more of..

I'm already sold on it.. Its all just gravy now.. Lol

iamnsuperman2818d ago (Edited 2818d ago )

Release date, something to do with FIFA (I am going to assume something Kinect related as EA have hinted at motion controls in FIFA before but I could be wrong) and I agree the new game will be a black tusk game. It could easily be a kinect related game as we have seen nothing from Microsoft on that front (except for the CGI Kinect sports trailer which is delayed)

I like they are doing some developer room thing so the press can get to know more about these games but I am not expecting Microsoft is going to announce something too earth shattering if the conference isn't getting streamed and it is very short (I see them holding out till the VGA to do something like that considering, if rumours are true, Microsoft is going for a November launch)

Kryptonite42O2818d ago

I think the smart thing for MS to do is keep the kinect included, and lower the price to $400 to compete with the PS4..
you might not hear as many people complaining if they knew they were getting the Kinect for free...
and I don't think that MS would lose money from doing this, as it would mean selling twice as many consoles. I watched an interview online where Mr. Pachter says on average (estimate) every Xbox 360 owner spends about $1000 in the 10 years of owning the console.. (10 years of live + games)
so for every million consoles sold they would generate about a billion dollars. so the more consoles they sell, the better chance of turning a profit in the long run. that extra $100 charge as of right now isn't helping if its cutting their sales in half..

keep kinect & lower the price to match the PS4.

aLucidMind2818d ago

Common sense and what most companies call "good business sense" often conflict. Its rare for a company to have common sense.

n4rc2818d ago

They very well could.. But not yet..

I forget the report figures but it claimed both ms and Sony making $100+ on each unit..

But I don't see why they'd be in panic mode.. They are selling out.. The number of preorders both companies allows isnt dependant on public opinion..

Sony having the lead at this point really just says they had more units available.

Kryptonite42O2818d ago (Edited 2818d ago )

really? I read that the Kinect alone costs nearly as much for MS to make, than the entire console.. Its all speculation and rumor but an Xbox One Dev. is where the claims come from.. so I don't see the profit from console sales themselves, but rather the people who purchase the console and spend their money on live subscriptoins. etc.


WeAreLegion2818d ago

I imagine Black Tusk will announce their game, Microsoft will clearly outline the changes they've made since E3, and we'll hear an official announcement about self-publishing for the near future.

I'm sure we'll get a release date, as well.

I am so excited for GamesCom!

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