Verizon Sues Time Warner Cable for False Advertising

A friendly rivalry between Time Warner Cable and Verizon FiOS turned serious this Wednesday, with Verizon suing Time Warner over claims of false advertising.

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C_SoL3932d ago

Time Warner ownz em.....

Spinitus3932d ago

lol u got that from george lopez.

decapitator3932d ago

Teh Fiber..haha. I always thought that ad was a bit awkward.

IntelligentAj3932d ago

Verizon can blow chunks. Everyone knows that Fiber optics have been used for a while now. When I saw that verizon commercial I was pissed because they were basically saying they were the only ones.

strongbad14413932d ago

that with Verizon FIOS, the Fibreoptic line goes directly to your modem, as opposed to cable which uses copper cables (which heavily degrade over time) to deliver the connection from the server to your house.

3932d ago