Would You Play Video Games With President Obama?

President Barack Obama better start boning up on his Wii bowling skills. A survey commissioned by video game retailer Game Crazy, polled 1,005 boys and girls between the ages of 8 and 17, asking them what celebrity they'd like to take on in a video game battle. President Obama took the top spot in the boys' list, with 25% of male respondents choosing him as their ideal opponent.

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ABeastNamedTariq2513d ago

I can already foresee the political debates that are bound to arise, smh.

Anyway, I'd totally play with him. I'd probably play (NBA) 2K with him.

But I'd like to play with Morgan Freeman a little bit more. I would just listen to him narrate the game or something. Or I'd just play Battlefield with him.

"I've spotted an enemy tank. How should we proceed?"

I'd listen to that over and over again, lol.

*sigh*..If only...

badboy7762513d ago

Sure we can play some MLB 13 The show.

LOGICWINS2513d ago (Edited 2513d ago )

Didnt this guy propose spending $10 million of taxpayer money to fund a study regarding the connection of violent videogames to real world violence?

EDIT: Morgan Freeman is a jackass as well. According to him, the best way to deal with racism is to ignore it. That would have been great advice for Abe Lincoln and MLK huh?


matgrowcott2513d ago (Edited 2513d ago )

That's not really what he said, is it? He said that the best way to avoid categorizing people is to ignore skin colour, specifically in regards to black history month.

And in fact, that interview pretty much sums up why it's a problem in the first place. A white guy saying "but without black history month, how will we get rid of racism?"

Stsonic2513d ago (Edited 2513d ago )

you really need to change your name to IllogicalLoses

itBourne2513d ago (Edited 2513d ago )

No I wldnt play with him, the Obama bill is the reason I left my job, cuz my hours got cut so they wouldnt have to give me insurance, along with many others I know. Which is retarded because I already have insurance through my parents so I could careless I just wanted the hours.

I hate the race card, black people can be racist as all hell and nothing comes of it, also the reason Obama is president is because he is black. I know a plethora of people that voted for him just because they didnt want to be called racist. Yah we have a lot of dumb people on this planet... Which gets into the problem with democracy, but thats an entire different argument.

Docknoss2513d ago

Abraham Lincoln? Ole honest Abe hated blacks thought they were 3/4 of a man and didn't want one ever to run for political office, look it up. Also the civil war wasn't fight over slavery but taxes on the southern cash crops. South got tired of it and fought back the exact reason why the revolutionary war was started. The winners of wars write the history books though. In a study in the 1920's a writer asked former slaves they're experiences being slaves. 75 percent had no problems bc they were given houses and even paid. Why would former slaves adopt they're former slave masters last names if it were so bad? No one ever reads or hears about the thousands of black confederate troops or the black slave owners do they? Abe was a tyrant sent Sherman to Atlanta killing women and children

LAZL0-Panaflex2513d ago

Obama and Morgan freemin are both deucshbags. So no I wouldn't play with those commies. Im still pissed at Microsoft for supporting planned parenthood and MSNBC. If it was up toobama and his other hippy friends there would be no big companies ie no Xbox no PlayStation... just everyone wearing flannel shirts and hornrimmed glasses....eating turnips and collecting our government check s. Innovation in the us would be dead.
Full-time employment is down....but part-time employment is up.........hmmm why is that .....because anyone working over 31 hours would be considered full time and must have health care provide by the employer. So what do big companies do...? They cut my hours and double and triple up on part timers to skate the fines. Small companies with less than 50 employees stop hiring people at 49 people......way to stimulate the economy dunski.
We must bear in mind obamacare is designed to fail to cripple the insurance companies so they can implement a single payer system. Now the government has your medical history. Great. Noticed how they postponed the implimentation until after midterm elections. It would cripple them. Anyways if single payer is so great why do all these other countries come here for treatment? Definition of a liberal: someone who is Incapable of logic or makes decisions based only on emotion. The dumb masses. Or the dumb asses. We voted for this prick.....I didn't.....but a lot of these sheeple did. We're in for a long tough bumpy road and there ain't no ky jelly.

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Fishermenofwar2513d ago

i want Morgan freeman to narrate my sexual exploits..


I know you guys will hear his voice all the time now...Your Welcome

matgrowcott2513d ago

Wouldn't that be awkward? Just you and him, alone in your room?

Bigpappy2513d ago

He is as close to a regular guy I have ever seen as president. He is very competitive in sports and has a great sense of humor. So yes, if I can play with those obnoxious kids on the internet, then I can surely play with the prez.

HammadTheBeast2513d ago

Yes.... very "likable" isn't he?

Getting the majority of the votes for his personality rather than his motives or ideals.

But, this isn't about politics, so I'll just leave it at that.

Kingthrash3602513d ago

its the prez of the US of mf A! what gamer wouldn't.....seriously if obama came to your house knocks on the door has his presidential red white and blue controller in his hand and a six pack....what gamer would say no? id wipe the floor with the guy!

AedanClarke2513d ago

"What gamer would say no?"

I would. I disagree not only with his hypocrisy and terrible changes to the US itself, but with his rules of engagement for the military that have gotten numerous soldiers killed. -_-

Ripsta7th2513d ago

Agreed, most disagree w you because they dont care whats happening to the US. Or they just live somewhere else and arent interested since it seems everyone hates ur more than ever for siding w Israel and aiding Egypt

Kingthrash3602513d ago

im in longbeach you guys act like bush did any better....besides its congress who is EFFING the US up. lol they just dont want a black man to be the one who makes the US better. what evs, i guess iraq ...a war he ended was a great worth it EFFFFFFFFFFF politics has no place in the gaming world.
just dont get me started about it...its because hes black that congress wont pass a dam thing and its because hes black that people asked the man for his birth certificit

LOGICWINS2513d ago

^^How come everytime someone criticizes Obama, theres always that one person that sprouts from the woodwork to remind us about if that somehow excuses Obamas faults? Arguing is pointless. I could mention NDAA and all the innocents we've droned in the past 5 years and the only thing that would pop into your mind would be


Soooo....u dnt like him cause he's black right?!?!"


LAZL0-Panaflex2513d ago

The disagrees show the trouble we're in. People care more about games ans dancing with the stars rather than who's taking their freedoms away. Sad. They should take a trip to Venezuela or Cuba.

AedanClarke2513d ago (Edited 2513d ago )

Well, one, we've HAD that alliance with Israel. And Israel still likes the US. They just don't like Obama. And, whether people like it or not, the US is "one nation under God," and God basically says that those who oppose Israel are gonna get scrrreeeewwweeddd.

OHAHAHA. It makes sense now. Long Beach. I expected as much from someone in Los Angelese county. MOST people there (certainly not all of course), yourself included, are... let's see... not intellectually inclined. Yeah, that's a good way to put it.

You're a fool, mein freund. You are a prime example of the people that make this country crap these days. -_-

I'd just like to point out that a lot of people thought Bush was all fine and dandy when he kept the US safe. It wasn't until the second term when they started to hate on 'im. People confuse me.

But, agreed. Obama does the bad things Bush did, does them worse, them blames Bush. But when he does something Bush organized, such as raiding Bin Laden's place? Oh, all of a sudden, HE gets the credit for Bush' good work. Yeah, btw people, Bush was the one that, with the military of course, made those plans to get Osama. Not Obama. The basically just went, "Uh, sir... should we do this?" Then he said yes, then took the credit away from even the Seals and gave it to himself. How selfish. And when Chris Kyle, the United States' most efficient sniper in history was murdered? Not a word.

Damn straight, man.

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