Harassment of Game Developers: Welcome to the World of Gaming?

With recent incidents of gamers issuing threats and obscene insults to game developers, the people responsible for creating the content we play are reacting to this dark aspect of gaming culture. This is certainly a phenomenon that needs to be addressed, but it is important to remember that this isn’t anything new. While this topic has sparked and continues to spark much discussion, it is interesting to ponder why it has taken long for game developers to pay this much attention to the dark side of gaming.

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bohangirl842822d ago

It truly is. I'm really hoping that strides will be made against online harassment.

Blues Cowboy2822d ago

Agreed - and confused as to why this could possibly be getting disagree votes. It's time we cleaned up our act.

Speed-Racer2822d ago

Hopefully we can evolve past this one day.

_LarZen_2822d ago

All form for bullying and harassment online need to be dealt with. There is to much crap online and it's just growing.

I do not like sensor and I am for free speech but there has to be a line you don't cross.

bohangirl842822d ago

A simple but true fact. It's beyond out of control and something needs to be done.

Shoul2822d ago

Agreed. I hate whenever I see any kind of abuse in the gaming medium; i just don't understand what drives people who act like such.

Someguyisawesome2822d ago

It sucks that it has taken them being harassed to truly understand what gamers that play their games experience. It should be no surprise to them with the reputation their games carry.

I think the upcoming Xbox Live's reputation system will help the cause and I believe Playstation and Nintendo should do the same thing. What do you think will help?