Project CARS Looks Great On Max Settings - Video Shows Off Day/Night Cycle & Destructible Vehicles

DSOGaming writes: "YouTube's 'ExpressionOfNothing' shared an amazing video from Project CARS, running on max settings (without injectors though. So yeah, the game can look even better than this). This video is from the game's 541 build and shows off the mesmerizing day/night cycle that is featured in it. In addition, we get to see some crashes, as well as the level of vehicle destructibility that is currently available."

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Smurf12828d ago

Love the sound and physics. Game looks great.

slimeybrainboy2828d ago

Physics might need a little work 2:30 in to the video aha

dp2774072828d ago

That was unexpected lol.

ABizzel12828d ago


It's still pre-alpha. The game doesn't launch until 2014.

2828d ago
ATi_Elite2828d ago

Should of shown a crash from the FPS perspective.

The Physics involved in the crashes in Project Cars are OUTSTANDING!

Darn I'm a build down, need to update!

eezo2828d ago

Slightly Mad Studio has done a great job.. this game looks and play stunning........

ABizzel12828d ago

And people were saying Forza looks better than this graphically. Yeah right.

CYCLEGAMER2828d ago (Edited 2828d ago )

Sorry but Forza does look better, imo this looks like a 2007 daytona racing game on the pc. The environment and the sound is nice, but the cars look boxy outdated and bland. But this is a pre alpha build so...

Forza 5 cockpit

slimeybrainboy2828d ago

But the cars are boxy and outdated...

LAWSON722828d ago

Not even close Forza 4 looks pretty great but this looks way better. I would know I have over 150 hrs in Forza 3 and 100+ hrs in 4 and have raced on the same track countless times

DoesUs2828d ago

Are there any vids out in the wild showing F5's day/night cycle? Would like to see how it matches up against this.

HellzAssassin2828d ago

You Forza "fanboys" are too damn hilarious thinking it's the best in every area. Project CARS will **** on Forza with graphics, physics, sounds, environments, and everything else. Forza may have more cars available though. Not saying it won't be a good game, but Project CARS just looks nearly perfect, in my opinion.

I'm still shocked in awe of how good the Zonda R sounds in this game.

aliengmr2828d ago

Wow, no, it really doesn't look better. Not even a little bit.

Then again you did just say that, in your opinion, Project CARS looks like a racing game from 2007, which is flat out ridiculous.

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Sorry but based on that video...I just don't see it. I am not a racing game fan to begin with, so how can I be a fanboy of forza?

Anyway apparently I am missing something, the screenshots you linked look good but seeing the game running doesn't look spectacular IMO.

HellzAssassin2828d ago (Edited 2828d ago )

Alright, well my apologies for calling you a fanboy. Forza & GT fanboys always think the aforementioned is the best game ever. But as much as I love both of those games... they don't compare to Project CARS. Take a look at this video. Both the graphics, driving, and holy **** the SOUND is downright awesome. And that being my most favourite Supercar (next to the Saleen S7 TT) just makes it that much cooler to myself. Check it out:

Especially when he revs it. That's sex to the ears.

Now.. that being said. I hadn't played Project CARS so I'm just basing it completely off speculation, obviously. I'm still psyched for GT6 and Forza 5 and definitely Project CARS. They'll all be an enjoyable experience. I just hope the racing physics in CARS is as good as it seems.

starchild2828d ago

Now this is next gen! I'm not saying that other games aren't good, I'm just excited for this game and seriously impressed with its visuals.

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