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VideoGamer: "Hellishly addictive. The sense of fun is palpable throughout, the characters are mostly pretty likeable, and surprisingly the plot’s fairly absorbing. It helps that it’s been pretty sharply written too, full of excellently corny jokes and one liners."

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brewin2830d ago

Ok, so I love Nintendo and my Wii U and am very interested in this game. But why the hell are reviews coming out now if we have to wait another few weeks before it releases?

I would buy and play this immediately if it came out in the next week or so, but to make us wait til only 2 days before GTA 5 releases seems like a bad mistake. Who the hell is going to be playing this when that game comes out? I know they are 2 different games from competely different genres, but really, come on. This is a huge missed opportunity in my mind as I, and many others, will likely wait til a few weeks after and get it on sale. What a shame.

I want to support my U but I need more than one solid game per month, and its not like they dont have some cathcing up to do. I want more than an apology for this suffering wait. They need to up this strategy to have one solid release every 2 weeks at minimum until a solid stable of titles is released.

gamer422830d ago

I think the reviews are coming now because the game is releasing this week in europe and japan.

brewin2830d ago (Edited 2830d ago )

Oh, well WTF! NOA needs to get on their $%^&! There is absolutely no reason this should not be sitting on selves worldwide right now. Why the hold up in NA?

Are they trying to allow the 3rd party titles like Splinter Cell and.... I dont know what else... get their shine and sales? I see no logic.

They left the launch window to 3rd parties and look how that turned out. I love Nintendo as a whole, but the North American branch is simply clueless.


I really wish they would adopt a staggered, stealth release business model. Whenever copies get sent to the press for review, they should also release a limited number of the title to specific stores in limited quanitites. Then after a few weeks, release the title full scale to the masses.

Kevlar0092830d ago

GTA 5 isn't coming to the WiiU, Wonderful 101 is exclusive to the WiiU. Some people can by more than one game a month, especially if they really want those games. And not everyone is spending their "one game" on GTA 5. Maybe someone could care less for GTA or just not atm but really want 101.

They are both two completely different games appealing to different audiences. Also by your logic any publisher releasing a game in the next month is an idiot because it's up against GTA5.

One solid title a month from a single publisher is pretty damn good. WiiU owners have some great games to look forwrd to for every month. It's a lot to expect one publisher to release a game every two weeks. I can think of many or any who do

Xof2829d ago

Some people own multiple consoles.

And it's a fact that publishers tend to release their big games in the same window as other big games, rather than find empty release slots. I don't know, maybe marketing research tells them it's a good thing?

Like, if you've got Average Q. Gamer in the store to buy God of War III on release, he might see Yakuza 3 out that same day and buy it too.

Whether or not two games in the same window are at all comparable is irrelevant. We're not talking about reviews, we're talking about sales. And, believe it or not, money is a finite resource--and so is time. The more games come out on a given day, the more games there are that Average Q. Gamer will not buy that day.

brewin2829d ago

My point is that its sales will suffer because almost no one owns ONLY a Wii U. If someone did have to choose between GTA 5 and this game, 9x out of 10 GTA wins.

And one solid title a month is too much to ask for, really? Im not saying they need to do it themselves, they also need 3rd parties to chip in. But they are responsible for enticing companies to work on their platform and release quality titles. But Sony and MS dont seem to have any problems getting several quality titles released on a regular basis between retail and digital.

Sure there are a lot of 3rd parties who help provide these titles, but that is a product of the platform creators making those relationships so the companies will release those games. Nintendo seems to struggle in this area with every system they create. It picks up later on, but Im just sick of waiting AGAIN for the quality titles.

_QQ_2829d ago

I'm waiting for a GTAV PC release.

Sidewinder-2829d ago

Can't wait to hear more about this game.

ape0072829d ago

good score but deserve more