What To Expect From Microsoft At Gamescom

The team got together to discuss what we thought Microsoft would show at their Gamescom conference. Tune in on Tuesday morning to see what Microsoft does next!

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Bigpappy2820d ago

The only person that I have some agreement with is Shannon. The rest really seem to have and anti-Xbox vibe going on, or are trying not to get hate mail from there mostly PS readers.

Shannon seems to know that releasing a non Kinect sku would spell serious trouble for M$. They said Kinect was an integral part of X1. So what they need to do is show the value of having it in every box. If they can't do that, then they should go the way of the wii-U.

Most of these opinions seem to be trying to sell the theme that X1 is DOA. I would just ask that they let Sony and M$ finish what they have to say before calling and end to the competition.

colonel1792820d ago (Edited 2820d ago )

They are already struggling though. All the 180 they have done is not because they listened the community feedback, but because they didn't see the community pre ordering the Xbox One. They must have had entered panic mode to actually decide to make those reversals. Is not like they design a product and spend all the money in R&D just to throw it all away one month later. I even think that if the Xbox One doesn't sell well the first year (even sooner) that they will indeed offer a Kinect-less SKU.

Microsoft has it tough, not only convincing people to get an Xbox One, but also to convince them why is it a good value to spend $100 more than a PS4 or $150 than a Wii U; and also too, convince them why Kinect is necessary to improve the experience. If they fail to do that, they will be in a race full of obstacles for the remaining of the generation.

PS4 doesn't have it easy either. Even though they are in a great position right now, they need to maintain it for the long term. They need to be careful about what they do, and keep offering great games like they have been doing on the PS3. The issue is that they are pushing indies too much, and while that's good, it doesn't seem very good for a $400 device to run small, iOS-like games. They also haven't showed too many first party titles. They have only 4 at the moment. Which in terms of first party games it's very few for a launch. So they also have to prove and keep the momentum going.

Bigpappy2820d ago (Edited 2820d ago )

You actually make very good points. I agree with most of them and applaud your mentioning that strong the indie with no real management may not be as sweet as it sounds.

But my point is, that M$ has done a good job with offering a good launch line up for the core. They will no doubt offer even more core games at Gamescom.

But what they need to do most right now at this event is to show customers how they policies with make gaming and using X1 in general better for gamers. And, even more important, They need to show a crap load of Kinect related stuff in a very impressive manner.

They need to demonstrate how it works with controller based games to enhance them. They need to do this by showing it in use on stage or by a pre-recorded video. But SHOW it.

Then they need to show the Kinect only games, that the family can get into, and SHOW how the Kinect has improved over the first. This is, very, very important. Because they need to show why $500 for X1 is a better value that $400 for PS4. A lot of people are not focus on the feature set, they are looking at Kinect as why they are paying more. So if M$ wants to sell X1 with Kinect, their biggest job is to sell Kinect.

abzdine2820d ago

what is now missing is kinect, so i guess their conference will be kinect focused..

n4rc2820d ago (Edited 2820d ago )

Customer feedback and preorder numbers are the same thing.. Stop trying to pass them off as money grubbing when they all do the same thing..

And its not like they have wasted all their r&d.. Nothing has changed on a hardware level.. A few policies changed that some people didn't like but could have futhered the Industry but we never got to see it come to fruition.. Which is a shame..

Mostly its all blown out of proportion IMO.. Look at rrod or the ps3 launch or the psn hack... Both ended up just fine

People love gaming too much for either to fail IMO.. Tho I agree its in their best I interest to show kinects worth to people

Darrius Cole2820d ago (Edited 2820d ago )

I half agree with Bigpappy and N4rc.

I agree that Microsoft has to justify Kinect, therefore they have to show Kinect enhancing AAA games. I hedge my agreement because it is based on the assumption that they can show Kinect actually enhancing AAA games. The odds are that they can not.

Cameras and motion control have been tried before, and frankly by people who are better at making games than Microsoft. All the motion control games in the past have been soft-core kiddie games, dance games, and exercise games. Why should we believe that Microsoft now has anything different?

It's unrealistic to think the Microsoft has some secret sauce for effectively utilizing cameras and motion control in hardcore games and that Microsoft just hasn't shown it yet. If Microsoft had a hardcore AAA game the needed Kinect but was still a must buy for the hardcore, I think that that would have shown it by now. They definitely would have shown it before they did all of these reversals.

If they get up at Gamescom and show a bunch of softcore Kinect stuff, then they will only drive away the hardcore and infuriate them more than MS has already done. That will only make their problem worse.

UltimateMaster2820d ago

If they expect us to buy an Xbox One with the kinect, they'd better show us what the kinect can do.

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HammadTheBeast2820d ago

I'm a bit disappointed that they're not even streaming their conference, 90% of the people who watch these things aren't there.

I'm curious about their Fifa deal though.

ABeastNamedTariq2820d ago

I'm disappointed too. MS not doing it makes me think that they aren't confident in their presentation or something. We like to watch these conferences. Their BS excuse about parties or something doesn't sit well with me. Gamers will be paying attention to Sony's conference, eating up all the details, while they wonder if MS said anything yet. The spotlight will be on Sony first.

I think they're going to focus on entertainment and what not during the conference, and upload the "snippets" about gaming (announcements, release date, etc.).

In summary: Bad move, MS.

_FantasmA_2820d ago

They probably aren't streaming it because they don't want millions of people to hear them getting booed at on live air. They deserve though, heck maybe people should throw tomatoes at them too.

Gazondaily2820d ago

Yeah the lack of streaming has got me concerned. If Sony come out with some amazing announcements (which I suspect they will) it will only serve to enhance their momentum against Microsoft.

Grown Folks Talk2820d ago

They aren't streaming it because the talking portion will be minimal. It's mostly going to be hands on time playing it. It's not going to be a traditional conference.

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T22820d ago

Ya good points ... I feel MS took a major risk in pushing for kinect so adamantly ... If kinect is met with lukewarm response they are going to have tough time selling a more expensive system ...

Ripsta7th2820d ago

Suchh... big... words...

Godmars2902820d ago

"They said Kinect was an integral part of X1. So what they need to do is show the value of having it in every box."

And they've only failed to send that message. I don't know how many times I've pointed out that where Kinect 1.0 received years of play up before it was finally released, the only being promoted for Kinect 2.0 besides voice commands has been it's debug mode.

MS needed to show it actually working better, but instead they've only all but removed something they've always said was vital to their console. They promoted in bad faith in other words, and the only way they're going to get credibility back is with actual, visibility better working than Kinect 1.0, games.

Kryptonite42O2820d ago

I think the smart thing for MS to do is keep the kinect included, and lower the price to $400 to compete with the PS4..
you might not hear as many people complaining if they knew they were getting the Kinect for free...
and I don't think that MS would lose money from doing this, as it would mean selling twice as many consoles. I watched an interview online where Mr. Pachter says on average (estimate) every Xbox 360 owner spends about $1000 in the 10 years of owning the console.. (10 years of live + games)
so for every million consoles sold they would generate about a billion dollars. so the more consoles they sell, the better chance of turning a profit in the long run. that extra $100 charge as of right now isn't helping if its cutting their sales in half..

keep kinect & lower the price to match the PS4.

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urwifeminder2820d ago

Well said pappy people are trying to kill it before it releases it has to start before it finishes I think it will be fine either way I will be playing.

Godmars2902820d ago

And when the PS3 had its issues, there was never a general cry to lay off.

When RRoD was a thing on the 360 many said wait and see, but with the PS3 those same people generally kept to an unforgiving stance.

theWB272820d ago

That's what the whole thing seems to be about with the Micro hate from Sony fans. Because Sony was talked about before...Sony fans are going to blow everything out of proportion as some type of revenge.

That sentiment makes things even more pathetic. I can't see how people take this so personally. I really don't. They're machines made by huge companies that sees us as numbers...yet people like you act like Micro came and wrecked your home, stole your life and left you under a bridge.


Godmars2902820d ago

Really, because there seems to be a major lack of common sense from the Xbox fan camp, I wish MS had kept everything in place because its coming clear that such would be the only way many like yourself would have realized how bad what MS was planning. Maybe.

We are not talking about an offhand comment about price which lingered for years, but thought out choices which would have brought rapid changes to the industry and greatly effected consumers.

It is staggering that many can't see the difference.

n4rc2820d ago (Edited 2820d ago )

Unless you can start pointing to individuals that bitched you out 7 years ago.. You seem incredibly petty..

Most people commented signed up around the reveal so we can talk about a product we want.. Not 7 years ago..

Give it a fkn rest already

And wow.. So were all lacking g common sense because we dont share your "Microsoft is going to kill gaming" viewpoint?

Quite frankly.. I've seen this level of ignorance a few times from you now and I'm just going to ignore you.. You ignore what we say so what's the point?

trafalger2820d ago (Edited 2820d ago )

"And when the PS3 had its issues, there was never a general cry to lay off."

that happened because of the ps3's high price tag. it also happened because sony put so much marketing into bluray and how powerful the ps3 was. those two things didn't start to pay off until years later, mainly when mgs4 came out. the ps3 had a weak launch of games and struggled maintaining parity with the x360 for 3rd party titles. that conflicted with consumers who were told the ps3 was more powerful. sony also had many delays on big projects which did not ease the pain for gamers early on the ps3.

the xbone has two issues going forward much like the ps3 did. it has to prove why it costs more and now instead of bluray on the ps3 its kinect on the xbone that is raising costs. the other issue is on paper the ps4 is more powerful which again will relate to higher costs for consumers.

to counter both they need to showcase kinect and get the hardcore to start believing in it and also xbox live to show why it's still better than what sony offers and now that multiplayer also cost a subscription on the ps4 that makes the argument better for m$.

if multiplatform games on the ps4 show an advantage compared to the xbone we will see the same journalists go after m$ like they did to sony on the ps3. if kinect fails to attract the hardcore journalists will also go after the xbone like they did on the ps3. in other words a lot of the criticisms towards the ps3 was justified. what the xbone won't have to deal with is poor development tools and headaches like trying to play games right away on the ps3. patches, mandatory installs and updates slowed gamers to a crawl. that has been rectified on the ps4.

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candoa2820d ago

Stop making the X1 a ps4. You want a kinectless SkU? Get a ps4, I don't want two ps4 in the market.

pompombrum2820d ago

Kinect shouldn't define the X1. What defines any console is the games. The whole "without kinect all we have is a weaker ps4" is one of the most absurd arguments I've seen on here.

TheArtfulDodger2820d ago

This depends on whether the Kinect is seen as a option peripheral or a peripheral that will revolutionize X1 gaming. If the Kinect is an integral part of the gaming experience, then the X1 is no longer 'simply a console' it's a motion-sensing kinect-based, gaming experience. It's completely different from the PS4 in this sense.

nukeitall2820d ago


Except 99% of the games released for either console is a multiplatform game available on both.

What differentiates the consoles are just a handful of exclusive games and a few features otherwise.

That is a really old way of thinking. Consoles are no longer used for *just* gaming, like a very small group of people want it.

Xbox One is just a PS4 with a few more bells and whistles and Kinect added. Even the hardware says so.

Whatever the PS4 can come out with, the Xbox One can too. There is little differentiation between the two.

Differentiating software is very important, but it is taken as a whole, not just a sum of exclusives.

People don't buy a game because it is exclusive. They buy a game, because it is good!

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2820d ago
ABeastNamedTariq2820d ago

You had me going there until I saw your username.

Kydawg2820d ago (Edited 2820d ago )

"No Mr. Powers, I expect them to die." Muuahhahaha! Muuuuahhahaha!! Muuuahhaha, muahhaha........huew........he e.......ho.....

MRMagoo1232820d ago

Yeh they will shows xbones best graphics which is probably forza at the mo , if you are referring to Ryse all i can say is LOL.

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