Almost Complete Nintendomination Appears in Major Japanese Retailer’s Weekly Sales Charts

Every week the major Japanese retailer Tsutaya publishes its sales charts, that are normally considered a good indication on what the more precise Media Create sales charts will look like on Wednesday, considering that Tsutaya has a large number of stores spread across the whole country.

This week’s sales charts (from August the 12th to August the 18th) will definitely spark a few smiles atop Nintendo’s ivory tower.

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CouldHaveYelledUiiW2821d ago


Those Extra Months on Pikmin 3 really show in the charts.
I hope that the other games have the same pay-offs.

The 3DS goes without saying, with the way it is performing world wide, people who believe that Nintendo is about to bow-out are really delusional.

Anyway, October and November will introduce "New Rivals" - and we will see if the hype matches their sales.

dark-kyon2821d ago

i take dragon crown over the other kiddies nintendo games everydays.

Brucis2821d ago

I've been greatly enjoying Dragon's Crown but there's no need to be a jackass.

PopRocks3592820d ago

Immature is a better word, I would say. If you can't appreciate something because it's "too kiddy" then you probably have no place calling yourself a fan of the medium. There's a reason why film enthusiasts have a great deal of appreciation for Pixar Animation Studios when all they produce is family entertainment.

dredgewalker2821d ago

I like dragon's crown too but I also enjoy 3DS games. I love both my Vita and my 3DS XL. I get best of both worlds.

Xof2820d ago

You should really try playing a Nintendo game sometime. You're in for a big surprise.

jcnba282820d ago

Yes because games like Fire Emblem: Awakening, RE: Revelations, Shin Megami Tensei 4 etc. are such kiddy games.


MrMister2820d ago (Edited 2820d ago )

To be fair, the only Nintendo game you mentioned was Fire Emblem. And of the 3 games you mentioned, it was the only one to not get a mature rating (Fire Emblem was teen rated).

But anyway, that other guy (dark-kyon) didn't have to insult Nintendo's games like that. Besides, Dragon Crown was only a 3rd party game too.

The_Villager2820d ago

Dragon Crown is rated T for Teen. LOL

RFornillos42820d ago

Phoenix Wright is rated M... and Dragon's Crown is T for teens...

ha! kiddie games...

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EXVirtual2820d ago

Whoa. Good job Nintendo. This is kinda off topic but is anyone gonna see Kick Ass 2 soon?

mii-gamer2820d ago

yep. Violence and Superhero vigilantes = win

EXVirtual2820d ago

I know right. Not to mention Chloe Mortez is SPICY! Again. Pretty off topic.
On topic Nintendo is pretty good with swimming in money in Japan.

sincitysir12820d ago

I saw it and honestly it was mediocre. It's awkward and characters disappear and u don't even care.

AJBACK2FRAG2820d ago

Hilarious also. Cruddy story but so very funny. Anybody get the Brat Pack (Rick Vietch comic books) refrence?

HugoDrax2820d ago

Watched it at midnight. Hylarious! and is everything you expect from the franchise. I'll say my favorite aspects of the film involved Mother Russia.

animegamingnerd2820d ago

saw it this morning it was good but not as good as the first one

AJBACK2FRAG2820d ago

Yesterday. Extremely funny.

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