The Ever-Growing Complexity of Pokémon X/Y | USgamer

USgamer: "Nintendo's latest portable RPG juggernaut offers more monsters, and more ways to catch 'em all. But will the changes be too much for the game's own good?"

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Slowbrosef2828d ago

Mega Evolutions aren't going to be that OP Mewtwo was already ridiculous I bet megaevolutions are gonna come at a cost to other stats I heard lucario is getting an attack boost he has good overall stats is they added a little more it wouldn't break him. Most likely he will give something up as well. Mawile and others similar would be better if they had more stats. Lastly Mega Evolutions cost you your item slot so there cant be any life orbing Mega Blazikens. This move just opens up more options for OU which is always a good thing.