How is Grand Theft Auto Online Different from GTA V?

Today Rockstar released gameplay footage and previews for the new Grand Theft Auto Online. With Grand Theft Auto V a little over a month away, gamers are curious as to how the two games relate to each other. Rockstar has confirmed that GTA Online will come bundled with GTA V and will be available on October 1st.

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FlyingFoxy2822d ago

it'll only be good if they up the player limit to a huge amount for the PC version, 16 players is way too low.

2822d ago
Khajiit862822d ago

Dude, the best game of the gen (RDR) is not on PC. I dont care if it goes to PC because it wont hurt me any so calm down. So far no sign of it on PC.

Khajiit862822d ago

Im sure it will. A year after im done with it and im playing something new.

Deceiver_Of_The_Gods2821d ago

Every gta is coming on pc a a fwe months later , they will annoynce it a couple of months after release of console versions

TheGrimOfDeath2821d ago


While that may be true and it may be possible that GTA V will come to PC. It's not true that every GTA game came onto the PC. Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories and Vice City Stories are examples.

Nitrowolf22822d ago

16 players is fine, it worked perfect for Red Dead, it'll work perfect here

trenso12822d ago

My questions is why did you specifically need to say pc version. Why can't all platforms get a player increase don't we all want to enjoy the game to the fullest? and don't start all your pc l33t nonsense you didn't develope the game.

snipab8t2821d ago

Xbox/ps3 hardware probably can't support more than 16 players. I don't think they have capped it just to be douches.

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showtimefolks2822d ago

I for one will be interested in sinle player only, I know many loved the online for GTA4 and will really dig all the improvements RS tried to make

I do have one question, why only 16 players limit? Why not have like 100 plus people on same server?

I want RS to continue doing single player but if anyone can pull off a open world GTA style with huge number of players per map it's RS games

SchwoererBear2822d ago

the current hardware limits what they can do. I think GTA online will arrive on next gen sooner or later and they will bump up the players and size. I didn't care for gta4 online but I think the new online will be different. I like the idea of working together to take down npc's

fredrikpedersen2822d ago

16 players = 16 guys in planes, boats, choppers, dirtbikes, cars seems more than enough to me. And 16 people in a deathmatch isn't bad.

I can't wait to make a dirtbike race way up in the mountains and have fun with friends!

KonsoruMasuta2822d ago

I agree. 16 is enough for me. These PC fanboys are just jealous because they can't play.

snipab8t2821d ago

Haha so true. I have a couple PC gamer friends and whenever they argue with my about PC superiority I simply pull out the GTAV card and they quiet down pretty quick.

annus2821d ago

If you haven't played SA:MP with hundreds you can't understand. It is an absolute blast to play.

MsMcClever2822d ago

It would definitely be fun, but I think it would be difficult to do on console. Do you know of any games on consoles that have over 16 players? (Not being snarky, just curious.)

maximus19852821d ago

Great point. It's a good number for current gen and for a gta world this size to run as smooth as possible.

fredrikpedersen2821d ago

MAG comes to mind - 256 players ;)

Sci0n2822d ago

So upon release on September 17th GTA online won't be available for play?

MsMcClever2822d ago

Correct. It will be available 2 weeks later on Oct 1.

TheArtfulDodger2821d ago

I believe I read in a previous article that this was so players could integrate themselves into the campaign first before broaching off into multiplayer(makes us gamer sounds like complete losers, intergrate, okay no.. I'm not complaining.)

But yeah, its so you enjoy the campaign before multiplayer. I don't see too much wrong with it, I love GTA campaigns.

koh2821d ago

Yeah I also saw somewhere that by having it come out 2 weeks later, with not all of the info on the physical disk, it allows over a month of extra time to work on it.

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