Warhawk Epic Explosion Gameplay

Watch out for that last blast - it just might be the end for you.

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sonarus3845d ago

lol i'm sorry i don't see the epicness

killer_trap3845d ago

I'd say it's just your typical fun warhawk gameplay. but if you play the game long enough you'll encounter a lot of epic battles in it. especially when there are too many warhawks in the sky.

Ghoul3845d ago


sorry but i had 10 times bigger carnage sessions playing warhawk then that vid, its a nice vid of the new transport but certainly not epic.

sonarus3845d ago

i'm a big fan of warhawk but that is just typical warhawk gameplay like you said see stuff like that like twice in one game

Premonition3845d ago

Heck that big missile that comes from the warhawk can cause more bigger explosions than that if shot right.

OLD MAN3845d ago

you must be a serious pc fan to say something like that.