Project Phoenix’s Protagonist Gets First Model Reference Artwork

A lot has been said about Project Phoenix, but not a lot has been shown yet. At last today fans get a treat from Creative Intelligence Arts in the form of the first reference artwork for the in-game model of the protagonist of the game Marcus Stern.

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sinncross2830d ago

really interested to see this game in motion. cant wait!

miyamoto2830d ago

The character design is fantastique!

Godmars2902830d ago

I hope we don't see every phase of this game's development.

Abriael2830d ago

Why not? you don't like seeing stuff?

Guess you can lock yourself in a closet and bandage your eyes :D

fsfsxii2830d ago

I guess he means that publishers nowadays show every bit of a game in order to convince you to buy their game. You'll most likely buy the game knowing everything that will happen

Godmars2902830d ago (Edited 2830d ago )

Just look at the trap FF13 fell into. Its devs saw the promotion of its character as being more important than the development of their history and world. Had the nerve to break it up into three games besides.

Really, I just don't want to find out who the main bad guy is before they're actually introduced. And though usually I know when to get off the hype train before major plot leaks, that's harder to do in this day and age. More so when when preliminary sketches and notes are flying about.

CourierSix2830d ago

Wow...looks really cool.

WickedLester2830d ago

Looks like Link from Zelda.

raiden-492829d ago

Just because he has a sword and shield doesn't mean he looks like Link =/

WickedLester2829d ago

And blonde hair, AND he's small in stature. Look, he's not a carbon copy of Link but the similarities are there. Personally I don't care. It doesn't bother me, I was just making an observation.

raiden-492829d ago

Have you seen any outer concept art of him here is the no Chibi version

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