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At its best, The Wonderful 101 is a simple game made overcomplicated. At its worst, it is nigh unplayable. There is beauty here, but it is only skin deep. The ideas are still good, but they clearly need more refinement. Wonderful 101 combines all the best moments from Hideki Kamiya’s career (excluding Resident Evil) into one bundle, so it should result in something deserving of its name.

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chadboban2828d ago

This is the ONLY score for this game (so far at least) that should be considered negative. the 7-9 scores it's been getting are good scores. Still I can see people calling this game a piece of crap due to this review.

Mario182828d ago (Edited 2828d ago )

I can see people calling this website a piece of crap due to this review. There is always that one website that needs to go on the other side of the fence

G20WLY2828d ago

This is a real shame, as it looked quite good in the trailers. To be fair, IGN gave it 7.4, so it can't be as bad as a 3/10?

TripC502828d ago

The reviewer pretty much says, "It's a good game but its hard and I got upset because I am not very good at difficult video games that need a learning curve to play well. So in short I still need to be spoon fed by my mother."


swice2828d ago

LOL the return of Hardcore games is starting to weed out the babies. I love it

ritsuka6662828d ago

Don't bother. This site is only fishing for hits.

G20WLY2828d ago

But you'd think people would be used to tough games again by now? The likes of Demon Souls and others are really punishing, but still brilliant games.

swice2828d ago

There aren't nearly as many hardcore games as there were back in the day. The harcore that I'm referring to is the lack of hand holding. WAAAY too much hand-holding nowadays. It's annoying. Let ME figure it out!

admiralvic2828d ago

Going off the demo I can see this game scoring 7's (due to the reliance / overuse of the touchpad / dual screens), but I would be hard pressed to believe that this game is as bad as Burning Skies, Declassified or Aliens CM.

Shnazzyone2828d ago (Edited 2828d ago )

I love games like this. Because it shows the bad reviewers from the good. I think this guy just actually sucks at this game.

admiralvic2828d ago

" Because it shows the bad reviewers from the good."

How exactly does that work out? Perhaps this review is not fair, but reviews are also opinions and nothing more. Also, it's hard to say what exactly WAS reviewed between reviewers.

Ever since I stopped writing for the site I wrote for, I've been trying to remind people that several reviews are written off a small fraction that doesn't represent the whole game. This is one of the reasons why I love the trophy / achievement system, since it flat out tells me how far someone got. Not exactly 100% accurate, but I can 99% of the time tell if the person in question actually beat the game or made it past chapter 2 or 3. Sadly a lot of reviewers don't get very far, so despite you seemingly claim this guy is a bad reviewer... they could also (in theory anyway) have gotten further than any other reviewer, which in turn makes their review "better" than the rest.

Just some food for thought. One of those, don't judge a book by its cover sort of deal.

McScroggz2828d ago

I haven't played the game but this seems really low to me.

The_Truth_24_72828d ago

The most truthful review so far.

Yep2828d ago (Edited 2828d ago )

Yeah, I guess TLoU should have been knocked 8 points for having occasional, but not bothersome bad AI.

Might as well devise a 0 to 1 rating system. 0 means it had flaws, even if minor, 1 means perfect (of course there is no perfect game sooo...).

dafegamer2828d ago

What has the tlou got to do with this? And yeah tlou really has some of the best, if not the best ai in survival Horror genre, so whats your point?

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