76% Of German Gamers Play On PCs, Only 43% Play On Consoles

Gaming Blend "With more than a billion gamers gaming hard on PC the world around, some new statistics have emerged giving a bit of insight into who is playing what and how much. Interestingly enough, 76% of German gamers prefer to game on PC, and despite having consoles, only 43% of those same German gamers (25 million or so in number) prefer their home consoles. "

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Abash2817d ago

Hopefully the PS4 changes that for some German gamers. It's hard for consoles to win some PC players over though with PC's having things like mod support and upgradable hardware

AedanClarke2817d ago

Why should PS4 change anything? That's like going, "13% of Americans drive Honda cars" (made up number, btw) then going, "Man, I hope driving a Lambo will change that for 'em."

If they're content with what they have and it is already of a high quality, why does it have to change?

Ripsta7th2817d ago

Maybe not everyone can afford to build a Gaming pc so the Ps4 or X1 will be the closest and cheapest option

Murad2817d ago

It shouldn't have to in my opinion, and this is coming from the guy who owns all of the current gen consoles.

Dude, if you can buy a new triple A title as they come out, you can surely build a computer.

Kurylo3d2817d ago


Only problem with your comment is that PCs are the Lambo. Why would they want to jump ship and go to a console which is weaker and just good enough for the regular everyday person... marketed towards kids.

AedanClarke2817d ago

Yeah, I thought about that after I looked at the post later. I was irritable when I wrote that and tired after having gone a full 24 hours without sleep. I just wanted to go, "BLAH. MINOR ANNOYANCE."

So. I shouldn't say a damn word anymore when I'm sleepy because it leads to far from remarkable results. :P

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come_bom2817d ago (Edited 2817d ago )

Why should PS4 change that? Isn't the PC a good and viable gaming platform?

I've had the impression for quite some time that PS4 fanboys believe to be the master race, that they deserve everything in detriment of other gaming platforms.

BTW: claiming PC gaming is more expensive then the PS4, is crap. Yes you can get a decent PC costing a bit more money then the PS4, but you recover that money with cheaper games, FREE online multiplayer, mods... ohhh, and you can be sure that your games can still be played on a PC 10-15 years from now, contrary to console games.

Have a PC, PS3 and until a couple months ago a X360, but the PC is still the gaming platform I play the most. Only games i play on consoles are a few selected exclusives. Yes i will get a PS4, but the PC will still be my most played platform.

Viper72817d ago

This depends solely on the consumer, unless you pirate everything on PC. Consoles even have certain advantages when it comes to new games.

One of those advantages is the ability to loan games from your friends. If your friend is a game glutton (like me :| ) you'll barely need to buy any games yourself, because you could just loan the ones you want to play from him.

Second is re-selling and trade-ins. Some people do this and save a lot of money off selling games they have already finished.

Third is Playstation+ and similar services, there are people who get more than enough games from plus alone so they could manage with just 50$/€ a year and get dozens of games.

I am not saying that console gaming is cheaper, just saying that it depends on the consumer.

come_bom2817d ago (Edited 2817d ago )

If you want to loan a PC game, simply loan your steam account to your friend. If it's a single player game, let tour friend loan your account, install the game and put steam offline, and him and you can play whenever you guys want. I have a steam account shared by 3 people.

In relation to selling a PC game, you could sell your steam account, if you really want to... but I have to admit console disks have a certain advantage if you want to resell your game :)

In relation to PS+, it's a great service but not a perfect service. It's a payed service with most of the games offered, I'm not really interested, or games i already have. You can't chose the games you want with PS+. Just because there are quite a few games "offered" with PS+, doesn't mean I'm wasting my time playing all of the games offered. With 50€ (year of PS+) you can go a long way with purchasing PC games (i mean PURCHASE games and not loan games like PS+) with deals in steam, origin, humble bundle, GOG, etc... and you chose the games you want to purchase.

trafalger2817d ago (Edited 2817d ago )

"I've had the impression for quite some time that PS4 fanboys believe to be the master race, that they deserve everything in detriment of other gaming platforms."

a lot of people are noticing that here.

kevnb2817d ago

Why do you hope that?

PSjesus2817d ago

It's like 43% is few!!!
everyone has a PC but only dedicated gamers own consoles.
even though last time i played on a PC it was 2008(ME2) mine capable of playing recent games

UnwanteDreamz2817d ago (Edited 2817d ago )

Do they explain in the article abouthe percentages?

76 and 43 = 119

Is there a 19 percent overlap?

ATi_Elite2817d ago (Edited 2817d ago )

The Glorious PC Gaming MASTER RACE......that never gets old!

Let me toss out just one FACT!

85 million people play League of Legends which is a PC Exclusive.

No big time TV commercials, very little magazine advertisement, No huge booth at Gamescon or E3 but 85 million people play League of Legends and very very competitively i might add. Hell many make a nice amount of cash playing LOL just like Starcraft 2.

PC just has the Games, community, and Freedom that attract so many Gamers.

Graphics are Great, Mods are even Better but it's the FREEDOM to customize your gaming experience and play PC Exclusives that makes the PC such a WINNER.

PC Exclusives = Tactics, Community, Mods, Strategy, tough competition, worldwide rankings!

Me and my friends going hard and owning Gamers from Germany, Russia, Britain, in DayZ or Arma 2 or Red Orchestera, etc is something you CAN'T do on Consoles cause consoles are Region Locked.

PC Gaming is a global community of tough competition and getting my butt kicked in Starcraft, LoL, or DotA 2 by some Korean, Japanese, or Chinese Gamer is OK with me cause it brings our PC Gaming world together like so many PC Gamers worldwide helping make Project CARS or playing with Red 5 (Firefall Dev team) and giving them input on their game.

......and that's why we are the Master Race!

3-4-52816d ago

They are also heavily into strategy games because they are smarter than us.

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ABeastNamedTariq2817d ago

I can see that. My uncle lives in Germany and he, as well as a lot of his relatives who live there, play on PC. He liked Need for Speed a lot. Well..those are my $0.02.

chris13gt2817d ago

USA-UK-Japan(Console Fans)
China-Russia-Germany(PC Fans)

starchild2817d ago (Edited 2817d ago )

Maybe so, but I live in the USA and I prefer the PC. That said, consoles are cool too. I can't wait to get my PS4.

Bladesfist2817d ago

I would add the Netherlands to the PC list. Most of my friends in the UK and me game on PC but I would not say it is the norm.

Chrono2817d ago

I do own all consoles and handhelds but PC is always my fav.

EXVirtual2817d ago

Kool. Play on PC or consoles (I play on consoles). Just don´t get cocky about either one.

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