Nature & Triceraptors Invade CryEngine 3, Pixar’s “Up” Trailer Recreated In CryEngine 3

DSOGaming writes: "Below, you can find some truly amazing nature images, showcasing what developers may achieve - or even surpass - with next-gen titles. In addition, we bring you three videos. The first one shows off the ragdoll physics of Project Crynosaurs' Triceraptors, while the second is the first trailer of Pixar's "UP" animated movie recreated in CryEngine 3 (created by Mazila)."

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GamerGuy1532829d ago

I can't be the only one that was disappointed with that UP recreation can I?

sweendog2829d ago

Yeah, was expecting knack quality with bells on. If you told me this is what you have to look forward to next gen I would be cancelling my pre order. ps3/360 could handle that with ease imo

FamilyGuy2828d ago

Wtf, this is current gen looking, not PS4/X1 Gen :/

Sgt_Slaughter2829d ago

Good... now someone make a game worth playing on the engine, instead of pushing the graphics up higher.

Allsystemgamer2829d ago

So that's how the dinosaurs went extinct...