What Games Are: Something’s Adrift With Oculus Rift


It is, of course, a bit of a coup. I’m referring to the news last week that the legendary John Carmack, hero of coders everywhere, has jumped into Oculus Rift. Feet first no less, as CTO. This after a long period of tacit involvement and support for the Kickstarted device designed to finally make VR gaming happen. Rejoice ye!

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GamerGuy1532825d ago

The Oculus Rift may not be viable in itself but I think the idea of virtual reality and the glasses and headsets that will subsequently result, do have potential. In the future, I've always predicted that VR will be able to transport us, via our nervous system, into other worlds that we truly believe we are in. Theres endless potential for gaming, military training, education, vacations and the like. These headsets are a necessary step in achieving that vision.

starchild2825d ago (Edited 2825d ago )

When we are able to directly affect the brain and nervous system to make a person perceive things as real even when they are not, it will be the ultimate fulfillment of the VR dream.

But I have to say that I have used the Rift and the immersion and sense of "being there" that it imparts to the user is truly remarkable. It is a completely viable form of VR.

GamerGuy1532825d ago

I look forward to trying it myself. That in combination with say, Kinect or Move could be a very powerful combination next generation. You turn your head and they turn in the game, you can see you hands when you look down but they are instead the arm of your character. You can aim down a sight and pull a trigger. The immersion with the technology we currently have could be incredible.

Kurylo3d2825d ago

But if you die in the game you die in reality lol

zeroskie2825d ago

First impression of this website.... is not good.

dcj05242825d ago

How does rift cater towards shooter fans. If anything its more for open world games.

level 3602825d ago

Occulus Rift is also causing some vomitting ( literally ) issues.

Although have to add, this depends on the person's depth perception capabilities, some have greater tolerances than others.

But overall this tech was tailor-made for gaming.

dcj05242825d ago

If you freak out and vomit when in a very high speed car then you will react the same to the game. Can't blame the oculus. Thats a personsl body/mind thing.

Coach_McGuirk2825d ago (Edited 2825d ago )

ha, i really didn't expect this to turn into a "pc is dying" article.