Buy Once, Play Anywhere Gaming: How Microsoft Could Pull It Off

After years of showing practically no interest in PC gaming, Microsoft appears to be having a change of heart.

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JsonHenry2818d ago

You mean the way Steam does it? Yeah. It's not that hard and been around for almost 10 years already.

theWB272818d ago

Steam does it between PC's...they're talking about from an X1 to a PC. Tell me where you can play a AAA console game and finish it on a PC...makes it a little harder doesn't it?

JsonHenry2818d ago (Edited 2818d ago )

It's the same thing. Cloud storage of saves moves between two end point machines with only one license purchased.

Kinda like how Portal 2 PS3 purchase gave you a free PC version.

It is a matter of implementation. Not of invention.

HammadTheBeast2818d ago

DCUO from PS4 to PC carries over the same accounts.

Bigpappy2818d ago (Edited 2818d ago )

You really should have read what they were talking about before commenting. It has happen to me before and have not made that mistake since. Now wipe the egg off your face because Steam has NOT been running "cross-platform gaming" for 10 years.

This feature only appeals to me for small or strategy games. I want to play MY core Xbox games on Xbox only. I think MS already said that they might allow Windows RT games on X1 and Win 8 Phones. But the Big games I think will and should stay separate.

redwin2818d ago

I think MS is talking about cross platform the Indy games. I can see my self buying more Indy games(DRM ), and a windows phone. All these and then I'll be able to play the same game in my pc. You see, that's what I call , next gen gaming, not just a hardware upgrade. Lol.

Eldyraen2818d ago (Edited 2818d ago )

The difference here is Steam is still (currently) limited to a particular platform (Windows/Mac/Linux still being a computer). Its even mentioned in the article.

When/if someone (MS the example here) could somehow establish a unified store/purchase for all of its platforms (PC/Console/Phone) it would be a HUGE advancement as well as serious reason in choosing a particular device. I've seen the potential for years especially after bluray/dvd/digital combos took off and believe we will see it eventually from someone at least (Sony has a few PS3/Vita games for example which is a start but not on same scale).

Game saves would actually be easy (comparably) because some people have already found ways to transfer them over between 360/PC at times (Skyrim for example).

The huge hurdle here (besides technical--which would probably simply be a unique code tied to all devices) is getting publishers on board. The potential profit loss some would see would be a bit distracting as there are a few of us that do buy the same game on multiple platforms now and again. The difference is I think most of us that do it buy the second copy dirt cheap during sales so the loss is much smaller than they would think.

theWB272818d ago (Edited 2818d ago )

I didn't say it was a matter of invention...didn't say it's never been done either. Portal is a game from Valve, ya know the guys who created Steam. Plus Portal is a PC game first. It's not a console AAA game.

Same with HammadTheBeast...DCUO was a PC game first. I asked where can you play a AAA console game on PC? With saves going from your console to finish on PC?

AAA console games are the likes of Forza, GT, The Last of Us, Halo, Uncharted, GOW etc. Console AAA games able to be played on PC with, not a few PC games ported to consoles.

The article already stated a few Microsoft titles were doing it. I swear I think some people read things and don't take in what they're actually reading.

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MikeyDucati12818d ago (Edited 2818d ago )

I can't say enough, I wonder what could have came about if MS kept some of their policies in the mix. This shows that they were looking to do something monumental for the gamer. Gamers were so short sighted or such band wagon hoppers that they didn't know a good thing when it was in their face.

Yet, Sony finished a deal with Viacom for television on PS4

But yea, "PS4 is for real gamers. No console should have TV add on."

yea...what you say now?

Lately, the majority of the gaming community has been really immature about alot. Scratch that. Not lately, but some time now.

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punisher992818d ago


"It's obvious that MS wanted to revolutionize the way we game and how we do it. "

So microsoft wanted to revolutionize the way we game by taking away our ownership privileges with games?? No more renting games or selling them.

MRMagoo1232818d ago

LOL it doesnt matter how many times i read mikeyducatis comment it makes no sense at all, some of these xboners really have mental issues.

MikeyDucati12818d ago

And just how did they propose to take the ownership privileges away?

Do you even understand what you have said? In the EULA of every game, you don't own it. In the EULA of every console, you don't own it.

So what's with this "ownership privileges"?


Mental issues? So objectively viewing what MS had plan without the typical "eff MS" crap deems it mental issues.

I say you have mental issues. The gaming community has mental issues. You know, before you little kids had analog controllers, there were D-pads. And when the analogs came out, people complained about those. Now its a staple of the controller. Steve Jobs were right, consumers have no clue of what they want and its not their job to decide what they want. Basically he said consumers are idiots and short sighted.


Every console and game you own, you don't actually own. If that kid who sued Sony for removing the "Add another OS" feature, loss that tells you just who owned his console.

Lot of you young gamers don't have enough education to judge objectively. Last gen it was all Xbox 360 and hell wishing for the PS3. Now its reversed. Stupid.

PFFT2818d ago

lol Read every single Sony fanboy post and you shall see who are the ones with real mental problems.

fsfsxii2818d ago

DRM is SOOOOO good for gamers. Like rain (not really sure if thats a good example)
Taking ownership from people is really monumental. Would people quit spinning things?? DRM is the cancer. Taking ownership from a gamer, forcing him into your hellish rules, is really nothing monumental

punisher992818d ago


"And just how did they propose to take the ownership privileges away? "

How?? Are you serious? Their DRM policies was stopping you from renting games as well as buying and selling used games. Whats so hard for you to understand about this? Microsoft was not looking to "revolutionize gaming" What kinda non sense terminology is that anyway? There is no reason why microsoft cant still offer family share plans with the digital downloads.

Kayant2818d ago

@ MikeyDucati1

True most things we buy we don't actually own - we just purchase a right to use it. The problem with MS's drm policies were that they were restricting that right we have to trade and sell games to whoever we want. It won't have been an issue if it was an only digital console because no one allows you at the moment to do just that but MS were going to be releasing games in both physical and digital formats from day one however physical copies were becoming digital copies were inserted into your console even though their digital counterparts were readily available if you wanted a digital copy.

That was all because of control because it would restrict how we can sell/borrow games. The "benefits" we were going to get from it 'Family sharing' was not even going to be available for launch and they could have easier done it without restricting people who buy physical discs. They can still easily do it now with digital copies if they so wanted to. The point is MS were trying to control disc based games were they didn't need to because all their digital plans could easily be done with digital games like they are suppose to.

MikeyDucati12818d ago (Edited 2818d ago )

Hey man, appreciate your mature response. Seriously, good stuff. Love having intellectual discussions in an orderly fashion.

And to your post, I'm listening to you but I just can't help but wonder some things.

Okay the borrowing part was up to ten folks. I can count on my hand how many folks I let borrow my games. Who really loans out games to more than 10 folks? And just a bonus, at least with the then policy, you didn't have to worry about someone scratching your disc or losing your manual. And the that thing about selling games. I thought it was actually good because GS drives the market in so many ways (recent events confirm that). Gamers get robbed with a smile, returning new games that's only 3 days old and getting at least 20-30 bucks. And that's stretching it. Then GS marks it back up to 54.95 for the next guy.

I don't think MS was trying to control disc based games. The problem here is that folks have short term memory and don't collect the information provided to come to a definitive.

The industry wants DRM. The industry wants digital.

Folks can disagree all they want but the truth remains. Sony filed for DRM patents. Why? Sony introduced the PS Vita that was strictly digital saying its the future. Why? EA puts out Sims Online with DRM. Why?

Just why are gamers bombarding MS with this hate when its clear that others have had their hands in the cookie jar? It's obvious that the industry wants us to go digital. And what's wrong with digital? Couldn't it cut back on costs (and satisfy the "going green" movement) of production which in turn would benefit the gamer?

It's just the same as folks slamming Xbox One for having TV add ons. Lo and behold, Sony secures a deal with Viacom for TV add on.

As much as the majority of immature gamers don't want to admit, MS and Sony are going in the same direction. Sony backed out rather nicely (with their DRM policy) when Xbox got blown to all hell with their announcement.

Kayant2818d ago

No prob i try :)

Yh that's my problem with MS plans post drm was the sharing policies were not using digital games for the implementation of the sharing policies but the converted physical/digital games. The 10 people sharing to me seemed too much because it would be as bad or worst the second hand games in some cases because from what they announced they was no limit in the amount of families one could be in which is a lot of sales lost for publishers. A lower number like 2-4 makes more sense to me.

Yh true that's how these companies make their money most will give you the most value in terms of in store credit. Second hand sales hurts every industry (movies, music etc) but they deal with it and I know now must use a digital format now but the physical copies still have the same rights as before. MS's solution was restricting those rights of free sharing/trading.

Yh we can't the denied the industry wants drm as you have so pointed out but I don't think it will work well in place on consoles IMHO mainly due to competition as there is no evidence publishers will reduce prices have they have a all digital and drm console.

The reasoning why people (including me) cry about the TV stuff is that when MS revealed their console it was about 80% tv, NFL, Sports and COD. The fact that the games they showed were EA sport games and COD just shows the market they want if we compare it to Sony's reveal. Also the Sony deal is really more for Sony's eco system than it is playstation because if this is true then people will have access to channels from their Sony Tvs, Blu ray players etc, PS4 also because it's just an app that is needed cutting out the need for a cable box compared to MS solution which is integrating your tv experience into the Xbox one cutting out steps in your experience because you won't need to constantly switch inputs were you want to watch tv. We have to remember unlike MS Sony is a big entertainment company.
Personally I don't care about either solution as I don't watch tv. But yh there was definitely so double standards with some people.

Another thing is that MS reveal was too US focused because the Tv stuff only work in US at launch, outside the US the audience for NFL is not as much.

marloc_x2818d ago

Xbox 1 - A multimedia hub that is a game console

PS4 - A game console that is a multimedia hub

punisher992818d ago

@ MikeyDucati1:

You know. I'll just say this. DRM (digital rights management) belongs on digital downloads. Not on physical media.

"And the that thing about selling games. I thought it was actually good because GS drives the market in so many ways"

News flash. GS is not the only place in the world where people buy and sell used games. Throughout my life I have always sold my games and bought used ones. But never ever at GS. Try ebay, amazon, and craigslist.

"Folks can disagree all they want but the truth remains. Sony filed for DRM patents. "

Of course they did. They sell digital media on their consoles. There is absolutely nothing wrong with "DRM" on digital downloads. That is perfectly understandable. But I will say it again, it doesn't belong on physical media.

It's just the same as folks slamming Xbox One for having TV add ons. Lo and behold, Sony secures a deal with Viacom for TV add on. "

I don't know whats the point of that comment. But Sony has been working on this idea for years. Ever heard about "PlayTV". The problem with MS is that they come out and act like its something revolutionary or something.

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modesign2818d ago

Were the $1000 steambox

OC_MurphysLaw2818d ago

This is the next step for the consoles... and its one more step in the one console future that Dennis Dyack predicted and looks like he may have been spot on.

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