CVG- The Wonderful 101 Review

CVG:The Wonderful 101 is the gaming equivalent of one of those magic eye pictures, where you stare wild-eyed into a kaleidoscopic pattern for several minutes until it melts into something beautiful and coherent, like the Mona Lisa or a sunset or blancmange or whatever. Except here, the staring phase lasts for several hours.

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Phil322829d ago

The reviews don't matter to me on this one. The demo was an awesome, deep one, so it solidified my purchase. :)

thezeldadoth2829d ago

seems like more complex games get lower reviews these days

R00bot2829d ago

I agree with thezeldadoth, games these days that have levels that take more than two tries seem to be dying out because of bad reviews.

What happened, game reviewers are supposed to be good at games. You simply can't take points off a game's review score because the game is hard.