Dragon Age: Inquisition combat shown in pre-alpha footage

Dragon Age: Inquisition has a difficult balance to walk between the tactical options of Origins and the action-feel of Dragon Age 2; in the video below, BioWare discusses how it’s hoping to achieve this.

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maniacmayhem2828d ago

Looking and sounding great. If they can refine the combat from one and two then I will be a happy gamer.

Menech2828d ago

I don't know, I didn't like the focus on the interviews really. Take Dragon Age 2 for example, better gameplay but easily an inferior game to the original.

I liked the gameplay in DA2 of course, but honestly I could take it of leave it, open world environments, my effects on the storyline side quests and the RPG mechanic depth made the original for me.

Gameplay is extremely low on my list of priorities from a DA game, I don't expect God of War style combat, I just want a rich open world game with a ton of character depth. The rest is just fluff, and this entire interview seemed full of pointless fluff.

Bigpappy2828d ago

I want both. I like my deep customization compelling mission stories, but I also like the action to make me feel the results of my good choices in customization. What I do has to matter, so choices armor a weapons must affect the gameplay or I will loose interest.

This is why Morrowind is still my favorite RPG to this day. Everything you did affected how you played so it took a very long time before I stopped racing home to play.

JAMurida2828d ago

Agreed with Bigpappy a little more on this one. For me though, the main thing I wanted to see is your choices having more of an effect in from origins ---> DA2 ---> DA3. But if DA 2 is any indication of how 3 will be... then Idk. There's more to say on this matter, but wayyy to tired to get into it.

I'll reserve my judgement and wait to play before I say anything.

2828d ago
Phils_Libra2828d ago (Edited 2828d ago )

Agreed w/ Menech's comment above. I'm disappointed seeing this video. A 'harpoon weapon to grapple enemies toward you?' Didn't I see that in God of War? Despite the system (PS3) lag, I though the gameplay in Origins was fine. Where is the story, exploration, character development, and the mature themes (revenge, betrayal, romance, etc.)?

vakarian752828d ago

Just because they are improving the combat doesn't mean that it wont have everything else.

Phils_Libra2828d ago

I remember hearing that line before Dragon Age 2 released, and many of the RPG elements that made Origins a great RPG were scaled back in DA2. The gameplay and commentary found in this video just seemed too focused on combat gameplay, and that's not what I want improved in Inquisition.

Aloren2827d ago

@Volitiel The title of the video is "The Combat of Dragon Age: Inquisition", so yeah, it focuses on combat...

Phils_Libra2827d ago (Edited 2827d ago )

Good catch! I'll admit I didn't notice the video title & only saw the article title, "Dragon Age: Inquisition combat shown in pre-alpha footage," which is alittle misleading. I still stand behind my comments though as the combat shown and described in the video seemed to take combat further from the combat improvements to DA2 which, in the end, were arguably at the expense of the core RPG elements in Origins. Its obviously too soon to abandon hope on this game just yet, so I'm still, with bated breath, hopeful to hear more about this game's story, world, & characters.

FreshRevenge2828d ago

Really looking for this game. Just wish that it was a new gen launch title!

FreshRevenge2828d ago

There were a few things that I didn't enjoy about DA2. I didn't like that certain clothing were only outfitted for specific characters. The combat wasn't really that bad. I usually chose being the rogue. I did want a choice of races. So I am glad they are bringing that back. I didn't like how the dialog tree didn't seem align to what my character choose to say?

pandehz2828d ago (Edited 2828d ago )

What dragon age needs is fast thinking tactics and letting the game respond to the speed and method of your thoughts.

Many a times I feel like I want to do something else and the screen size, run speed, skill systems, camera angles etc etc etc etc limit me from playing out the game in my speed and thus breaking potential fluidity in combat.

I dont want DAO or DA2 combat I definitely want faster (i dont mean exactly hack and slash but more like new systems) gameplay and fluid intuitive and progressively growing tactics.

DAO is for old gen gamers, DA2 was neither here nor there.

The game should not let me understand its mechanics and calculations. Besides certain fps and strategy games, most games you can easily tell what to expect and how to deal with a boss or play out certain situations once you've figured out stats or gauged the systems. Thats when the game just dies for me. Theres nothing more to learn FULL STOP

Inquisition needs to change the way we play rpgs IF Bioware wants reign as RPG kings.

JAMurida2828d ago

Tbh though, Dragon Age 2 was somewhat of a more dynamic combat system compared to DA: O. In DA: O, you always knew the enemy was in front of you when you were fighting. DA 2 pretty much made it to where enemies flank, come from different directions and want not, (they just did it a really lazy way of sending wave after wave or random spawning enemies). You had to always move your party around taking advantages of choke points and what not, (speaking of Nightmare gameplay of course).

After getting a chance to REALLY play DA: 2 again, I almost don't even want to go back to DA:O to work on more playthroughs, because I find myself favoring the gameplay, and in VERY few spots, the game as a whole over DA:O. Needless to say that DA:O is hands down my favorite game of this gen, but DA:2 after everything is said and done was a good game, IMO.

pandehz2828d ago

Yea DA2 combat was definitely better too in my opinion.

I think my comment was put in an odd way about it.