Tired of fighting the Nazis? PSlegion have a look at some alternatives...

Infinity Ward has had a great success with its recent foray into the Call of Duty franchise. Aside from the excellent multi-player, first-rate set pieces and accomplished control system; one of the much talked about reasons for its success was its move into the modern era. As you may already know, Call of Duty 4 ditched its historical roots of simulating World War 2 combat. And employed today's technological advancements in various locations within Russia and a non-distinct Middle Eastern country, no prizes for guessing which.

However it is now widely believed that Call of Duty 5, minus Infinity Ward, will attempt to tackle WW2 again. When officially announced, this will come as bad news to many gamers and journalists, who see the WW2 era as overused and rather unoriginal. Granted this era has lead to many great games, the Call of Duty and Medal of Honour franchises being responsible for many of these. And there could still be more to come, the forthcoming Brothers in Arms game looks very promising. There have also been some real bad games as well to come out of this conflict, such as Hour of Victory and the latest History Channel exploit. However, good or bad, many believe it is time to put this conflict to rest, at least for the time being, and move on. This begs the question though, move on to what?

There have been many memorable historical combats that have all the elements necessary to make it as a video game. In many ways WW2 is actually the perfect example of such a conflict, it has an interesting context and potential story lines, formidable and varied weapons, range of environments and a single 'bad guy'. There are many such examples; however few have the qualities needed for a successful FPS. This is an attempt to prove the designers out there with some extra ideas:

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cmrbe3896d ago (Edited 3896d ago )

although you would still be fighting the Germans. It should feel different though not fighting specifically against the Nazi and there would be different counties in alliance like the Turkey.

The Napoleonic Wars would be a great change but i am not sure about fighting in formations or even a calvary charge. I don't know how that could be incorporate into fuild gameplay that we are use to in modern warfare. Imagine reloading a musket fire after every shot. Using a saber mix with gun play could be exciting though.

BlackIceJoe3896d ago

I for one would like to see a WW1 game. People may not talk about this war as much as WW2 but this war was still important. So I think WW1 could really work well as a FPS game and would like to see what developers could do with the WW1 setting.

I also think the Korean War might not be a bad idea too.

Another setting I would like to see more in games would be Vietnam.