Plants vs Zombies 2: It's About Time Review by Gaming on Batteries

Triverse writes, "First of all, Popcap is not straying very far from the tried and true formula here. The basics are still the same, sun power falls onto the screen, sunflowers still produce it and pea shooters are still the grunt of your plant army against the lumbering zombies that simply want to come into your home and have a bit of brain. The zombies still start on the right side of the screen and try to gain entry, this time though, there are various time periods that you play through each with unique zombies and artwork to accompany them."

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2pacalypsenow2821d ago

50/100 cuz the game is full of micro transactions

strigoi8142820d ago

This game can be finished without paying just go through every level collect coins and keys...

micro-transactions on this game are for lazy people..lame casual phone gamers

2pacalypsenow2820d ago

well my wife is a lazy casual phone gamer and to get the good plants she has to buy them ....

oNIXo2820d ago

0/100 because it's only for overpriced phones and tablets.