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Tom Whitehead writes:

Playing The Wonderful 101 for the first time on "normal" difficulty is a stressful, headache-inducing experience that, nevertheless, delivers a genuine thrill. This isn't a game that feels as if it's gone through hundreds of concept and development meetings, nor through a corporate machine of focus testing, but rather like a project with leadership that decided to channel their inner child and produce an experience that takes the insanity of action-hero comic book fiction and translate it onto the screen fully intact. It overwhelms the senses and then goes further, which makes it wonderful.

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BullyMangler2821d ago (Edited 2821d ago )

good review but hopefully someone gives this game the review it deserves as I doubt the people who will review The Wonderful 101 will even have enough time to give the game it's second play through, the REAL playthrough that would determine the games actual worth as Kamiya has already stated that the REAL game begins the second time around.

All these incoming 8,9, even 10 point scores for The Wonderful 101 will not be accurate.

I want that hammer.

SpiralTear2821d ago

First of all, the game is getting a number of scores outside of the 8-10 scores. Just ask IGN.

Secondly, maybe the "real" game is that good. Sounds to me like you just don't want the game to get those higher scores, so you have to justify that by calling these early reviews "inaccurate."

Lastly, even though I haven't played the game yet (though I sure as hell will), I have a lot of faith in Platinum Games. Their track record has been pretty damn impressive this gen.

_QQ_2821d ago

Not even platinum but hideki kamiya's track record.

Studio-YaMi2821d ago (Edited 2821d ago )

Actually he is known to be a HUGE Nintendo fanboy,so I doubt that he doesn't want the game to get high scores,he's just angry that it's not getting 10s across the internet.

To me,any game that is beyond a 5/10 deserves to be tried at least,and The Wonderful 101 is far beyond a 5/10; so I'm buying it,my Wii U needs new & fresh games like this.

Army_of_Darkness2821d ago

It doesn't take a second playthrough to determine wether or not a game is good. Nintendo websites seem to like the game more than others lol

BlackWolf2821d ago (Edited 2821d ago )

You can have your opinion, but the general consensus about this game is "really good". Everyone can make their own observations later, but these are the reviewer's. If they want to give them 8-10 scores, it's their call. The fact that you don't agree does not make their opinion invalid.

HalfNerdHalfAmazing2821d ago

I really enjoy the demo but I have to admit the controls are a bit confusing

2821d ago