Nintendo: Earthbound 64 was 60% complete when cancelled

An old interview recently surfaced where Nintendo stated that the much discussed Earthbound 64 was more than half done when it was cancelled in 2000.

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DarkBlood2822d ago

Well theres something they can revive for the WiiU or 3DS for that matter

animegamingnerd2822d ago

they actually did a few years back mother 3 for the GBA but it never came over here

RedHawkX2822d ago

i dont think game boy advance can play n64 level quality games it only has snes level power. a n64 earthbound would of been 3d models or close to it. probably would of look like harvest moon 64.

they should of kept everything in that 60 percent complete and just tweeked the graphics to look better or like wonderful 101 and then just finished the other 40 percent of the game. then releasedd it on wii u.

admiralvic2822d ago

@ RedHawkX

And? They simply scrapped the 3D stuff for sprites. Nothing new / surprising / special here, especially since it was a SNES title in the first place.

"they should of kept everything in that 60 percent complete and just tweeked the graphics to look better."

Terrible idea. For starters, the 60% comes from what Miyamoto feels and this isn't exactly a sum you can quantify. Like any number of problems / delays could cause a set back and could result in the 60% rising or dropping. Finally, games lose a lot of charm when different people touch the project. Impossible to say if all the key / right people are still at Nintendo to make Earthbound 64 as awesome as it would have been in the past / Mother 3 is. Perfect example of this is Duke Nukem Forever.

Huge delays, some people stayed and others didn't, had a lot done, but it still turned out to be extremely dated and appealed to very few people.

UltimateMaster2821d ago

Nintendo swam the ocean from Japan to America.
They are at 60% completed, but they were tired and just turned back...