Demo distribution needs to change it up with the PS4 and Xbox One

Among the unending horde of teasers, trailers, and ever-annoying parody advertisements from GameStop, demos stand out as a unique way to promote a video game. Instead of flaunting an image or video specifically tailored to garner attention, game demos place a piece of the actual game in the player’s hands, allowing them to get a feel for the style and flow before actually purchasing it. This should, in theory, dodge the bias inherent in marketing material, in that it is designed to be marketed. Unfortunately, it’s not a bullet-proof system.

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Khajiit862830d ago

I am a long time gamer, and I think most long time gamers will agree that sometimes you just have to dive in. Some of my best gaming moments are when you play something new for the first time, for example when COD left the WW2 era in 4.
You cant trust anytning. Reviews are good usually but some reviews just nit pick too much. Mafia 2 is the most underrated game I have ever played. It does not have a long campaign, and no multiplayer, but it is one of the best gaming experiences I have had to date. The story was amazing. Dont always look at what a game doesnt have. Lets judge whats there.

levian2830d ago

While I agree to a degree, I'm also sick of dropping $60 on a game and end up not liking it. Or having the game end up being like 10 hours long. Or it turns out to be one of those decent games like Hitman or Tomb Raider that drops $20 in price in a couple months.

Khajiit862830d ago

Which is why there is renting options. Gamefly and redbox are just some ways I play games. It was also a way I got introduced to the GTA series back in the late 90s with blockbuster, and I fell in love and will not rent another gta game since but I will buy all of Rockstars games.

BLAKHOODe2830d ago

I love being able to try out a game before buying via demos, BUT demos can be deceiving. I've played a lot of great demos that ended up being for bad games and bad demos for great games.

For those that care about developers getting paid, I think demos can be a huge mistake, too, because they might turn-off someone who would have bought the game otherwise. On the flip side, I think if they would have released the first level in Tomb Raider as a demo that game would have done a lot better in sales.

FamilyGuy2829d ago (Edited 2829d ago )

Tombraider didn't do bad in sales, it sold millions. The problem was SE spent way too much on the budget for that game. It's their own fault. Any game should be profitable at less than 3million sales and Tombraider sold like 4 million.

More on topic, I like demos and with Gaikai Sony is set to have demos that you don't even have to download so I'm really looking forward to that. Trying out any game I'm interested in as soon as I see it with no wait times.

I remember not liking the demo of the first Uncharted game, it just wasn't for me, but then there was a Beta for Uncharted 2s multiplayer that I absolutely loved and ended up buying on day 1. Same with the first InFamous but in reverse. LOVED the demo and bought it day 1, was really happy, part 2 came, I played the demo and liked it but just not enough for day 1.

Next gen every game, big, small, indie or whatever will have a demo and I'm happy about that.