Editorial: PlayStation Assault Begins on Xbox Ahead of PS4 Launch with $199 PS3 & $199 PS Vita

SonyRumors - With the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita coming in at $199 each, Sony is redrawing the battle lines for an all out assault on Microsoft and Xbox, prior to the PS4 launch by building an ecosystem that you won't want to leave.

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nevin12817d ago

Vita-The memory card price needs a drop.

PS3- It be a good deal if people can find a cheap HDD.

The_Con-Sept2817d ago

Answer to both: Microcenter.

I got the vita memory card 16 GB for just 30 bux. They had the 32 GB for 55 on sale in my town.

And HDD prices are very competitive. I got my 750 GB WD make for only 40 bux.

Thomaticus2817d ago

No...thats not the answer, It's regular price right now at Microcenter. What needs to happen is that Sony provides a UNIVERSAL PRICE DROP ON ALL PS VITA MEMORY CARDS.

LOGICWINS2817d ago

Red Vita with KZ Mercenary and an 8GB card for $249.99. Anything less and I will cry.

arbitor3652817d ago

its good that sony isnt abandoning the PS3. I mean, we got

GOW ascension
Last of us
Beyond: two souls
the puppeteer
dragon's crown
gran turismo 6

and they are bringing out tearaway and Killzone mercanary for the vita this holiday season as well as a price drop (i would be my right nut on that).

and of course the PS4 is leading by a substantial margin in pre orders. sony is going to dominate the market this holiday season. we are returning to the PS2 days

arbitor3652816d ago (Edited 2816d ago )

im talking about exclusives that they are releasing this year

Caleb_H2817d ago

I'll definitely buy a vita for remote play, but I'm holding off until after gamescom in case of a vita redisgn.

Sci0n2817d ago

New design or not its a very beastly device and you will not regret purchasing one.

bebitech2817d ago

With the PS4 launch, I don't think Sony simply has enough resources to do a Vita refresh as well. We will see one, I just don't think it will be this year. Perhaps with improved sales, we will see it at E3 2014.