Tower of Guns blends ‘Binding of Isaac’ with ‘Doom 2′ | PCGMedia

nyone who has played a Roguelike game will know the sweet, sweet pain that the genre provides. Characterised by randomised dungeon crawling, high difficulty and perma-death, Roguelikes are not the friendliest of games.

Indie devs Terrible Posture Games hope to combine the FPS and Roguelike genres together with their upcoming game, Tower of Guns. Billed as a “first-person shooter with a lot of Rogue-Like-ish-y elements”, the game is looking very interesting, judging from some of the pre-release footage.

The Tower of Guns website (which is pretty funny, check it out), lists a bit of what you can expect from the game:
- Randomised loot, enemies, levels and bosses
- Can be completed “over your lunch break” (not easily)
- Weapon mods
- Selectable perks
- Hugbots!

The game is apparently exactly 42% complete, but is available for preorder at $7.50. A good, old-school FPS game is long overdue, so hopefully Tower of Guns will deliver on this front.

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