Tales of Xillia Review: A Xilliant RPG [Dealspwn]

Dealspwn writes: Tales of Xillia was well worth the wait. Despite the more action-orientated combat, the game feels like a true JRPG experience. Packed with environments, hidden items, side-missions and moreish levelling up systems, you'll be hooked for at least 50 hours.

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DarkBlood2821d ago

50 hours? lol pffffffffffft i barely started the game and im level 47 for Millia and Alvin and 48 for jude while carrying Elize in my party which i cant use yet.

so you can guess how far im in and my playtime is 29:56 lol little too hardcore you might think

Mykky2821d ago (Edited 2821d ago )

Those evaluating the times gotta play games fast. Xenoblade which I'm currently playing was said to be about 60 -70 hours, and I'm 102 hours in and still not finished.
Love long games. (If they're good off.)

DarkBlood2821d ago

true, either the leveling is easy or i just got too much patience :P

VileAndVicious2821d ago

Just beat Xillia about 2 nights ago and I finished it in just under about 48 hours all my characters where around lv 70 so yeah 50 hours sounds about right. Mind you I didnt do many of the side missions like hunting the Devil creatures roaming about, Im saving all that for my second playthrough.

tiffac0082820d ago (Edited 2820d ago )

I think leveling is just too fun in this game. Linking with different characters and using their combo specials just keeps you going and going through all the grinding.

I'm actually doing all the quests in my first playthrough. So I can carry over my items/equips on my 2nd run ^^

VsAssassin2821d ago (Edited 2821d ago )

Tales of Xillia is an Exilliant game indeed. And since I'm stranded at home becvause of the typhoon flooding (no work for me!), I'm gonna play this the whole day today!!!

Austin482821d ago

I'm at level 50 with all the people in the party with a time of 35:00 hours and I'm still enjoying every single minute of it this is a great rpg

CaptainYesterday2821d ago

Need to get this game soon but once I get it goodbye life :P

belac092820d ago

its seriously a great game! im just starting my Milla playthrough in which i will hunt the "monsters with weapons on their bodies".

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