G4 : Has PlayStation Home Opened Early?

Assignment time: Does the below video show a user downloading, logging into and using the PlayStation 3's not released Home? Or is it the best-looking fake we've seen all week?

We're guessing the former, because the uploader of the youtube video seems so adamant! He assures everyone he is not a beta tester, and he did nothing to hack anything. He just got lucky.

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chaosatom3333845d ago


Like playstation is going to be like
"oops we just sent Home to one of the non-beta testers accidently"

pharmd3845d ago

yeah apparently it HASNT or we'd all be enjoying it!

soon enough, time reveals all my friends

Cicinho3845d ago

This crap was posted a couple of days ago too where guy said he wasn't a beta tester then after he was found out to be infact a beta tester then he forgot he got the message

Buubar3845d ago

Jesus, who approves this crap? This video has been seen about 5 times on here -.-

Snukadaman3845d ago (Edited 3845d ago )

Whats even sadder is this is the second time this same video came up on a similar story on this very on rbanke's link and you see the exact same picture...looking at the list of people who approved this..its the usual gang of people who want to spread their rhetoric. And please let me point out..its not the question of validity most people are concerned with...the date of this video is from february and should be considered old news.

UGA_13845d ago

I've tried it, and got version 0.8.6 to install successfully, but after you connect to the servers Sony forces you to download a software update that prevents unauthorized Home Beta use.

Sev3845d ago

He didnt get lucky. He was a Home beta tester who didnt get the rank on the PS forums.

He posted the same thing on the Official PS forums in Feb.

I called him out on it, but the thread got deleted.

UGA_13845d ago

Well that was a nice catch.

The guys is really living up the youtube "fame" ;)

Sev3845d ago

Thanks. I was the lucky one, as I just so happened to recall his PSN ID, as the jerk who tried to fake everyone in Feb.
I called him out, and he never came back.

But like others have said, he is living up this "youtube fame"
What a loser.

Blackcanary3845d ago

Dude he is not a Home beta tester damn if you been on the website were we are all working to gather to get past the update you would know that so stop saying he is cause he is not.

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sandip7873845d ago

bloody idiot, why would you show you're PSN? at least blur it. but yeh i saw this vid a few days ago.

DevonTheDude5353845d ago

Way to be 3 days late G4, the Feed isn't very current then

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The story is too old to be commented.