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Maybe some will appreciate the minor drop of nostalgia that comes in this new Leisure Suit Larry title, but most will find a dried up pool of memory and nostalgia long since gone. Sure, it might make you feel good initially when you see all of those places you love, but once you finish, you might wish you had spent your time on something more fulfilling instead of trying to revisit your childhood one more time.

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fsfsxii2897d ago

How come this game doesn't get any flak for what it does??

KonsoruMasuta2897d ago

It does. It just doesn't get as much as other games because it's not mainstream.

DarkBlood2897d ago

should probably remain that way too, but that aside i remeber seeing this game when i was a kid all i remeber was a house burning down or whatever with the guy in it lol

2897d ago