Should In-Game Advertising Anger You?

It's becoming abundantly clear that advertisements are playing and will continue to play a role in gaming. What is needed now is a clear recognition of what is and is not acceptable ad encroachment.

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Genesis53845d ago

Not if they throw a ton of cash at the developer so they can make a better game.

mikeslemonade3845d ago

It does if i pay $50 for an online service and still have ads thrown at my face.

Breakfast3845d ago

It doesnt anger me. If anything it gives the game a sense of atmosphere...the only time it would piss me off, is if its blatantly everywhere. (See Trans-GMC-formers the movie)

Skerj3845d ago

That pissed me off to no end, every shot was a GMC commercial especially the one at the dam. Also the Mt. Dew Transformer was an abomination unto Cybertron.

Megaton3844d ago

The whole movie was an abomination. I knew exactly how it would play out the moment I heard Michael Bay was directing it. They should have called it what it really was: "Shia Labeouf and the GMC Robots".

Optimus Prime didn't even make an appearance until 1 hour into the movie. How are you going to make a Transformers movie that revolves around the humans? Hollywood, is there no childhood memory you can't crap on?

Silver3603845d ago

Make sure you remember the product and don't buy it

kai_h3845d ago

I think it shouldn't anger us if the ads were reasonably placed. For example, maybe a Sprite advertisement could be put on a soft drink dispenser machine.

Bigrhyno3845d ago

It is rather awkward when I am playing Battlefield 2 and there is a big Nvidia sign in the middle of the battlefield.

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The story is too old to be commented.