Bonus Round - The Return of the PC

GT;We take a deeper look at the return of PC gaming and what it means for the next generation. (

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zeal0us2829d ago

Did I miss something or been a coma for past decade? Return of the PC? When did the PC gaming leave or died?

starchild2828d ago (Edited 2828d ago )

PC > console, for me.

The PC gets more games that I want to play than any other platform and it also offers the best graphics and highest, smoothest framerates.

There is also so much flexibility and so many options on the PC. I can use a controller or a keyboard and mouse. I can use something like SweetFx to radically change a game's visuals if I want. I can also use mods to change or enhance a game's graphics, or add completely new content.

On top of all these amazing qualities, games are also cheaper on PC and we don't have to pay to play our games online.

TheRealTedCruz2828d ago

In absolutely no way aside from the price of the hardware itself.

deal with it.

allgamespc20122828d ago (Edited 2828d ago )

Console graphics suck!

*opens NES emulator*

PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt2828d ago


i can cares less about graphics... as long as the game plays good idc.. it can look like watchdogs or gta5 and ill be satisfied..

ohhh i can update my graphics card.. me "idgaf'

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luoshuigui2828d ago

PC gaming started decline around the early 2000s, it was at the rock bottom in the mid 2000s, thats most people's impression of "PC gaming dead" came from. At the darkest time of PC gaming Valve made Steam, it took about 4 to 5 years to take off, at 2008/2009 Steam started to grow at an unbelievable rate, 2011 year along Steam made a mind boggling 150% growth, PC gaming gained a new life with the introduction of digital distribution, in recent few years PC gaming is the fastest growing market, compare to console market's 2 years long decline.
And that's why Gabe is regarded as Jesus of PC gaming, he single handedly saved it.

BluEx6102828d ago

Recent game releases like SC II, Diablo III, CS GO, Sim City, Civ V and Dota 2 has brought me back to the good ole days of PC gaming. These titles are bringing some new life to PC gaming. Before it was just LoL and Wow games for a long time.... Now we just need Half Life 3 and Warcraft 4, then we'll be back to the golden age =)

PC gaming has never died, it just needed a little more resurgence. I play most multiplats on PC, but PC exclusives were usually the best PC games.

Consoles and PC are both different and great. Consoles are casual friendly, cheap and convenient. PC's are a little more hardcore, and the learning curve is a little tougher, but mods and great graphics/performance are well worth the extra money IMO.

cunnilumpkin2828d ago (Edited 2828d ago )

pc has been destroying consoles for the last 12 years

did this guy just come back from mars?


yeah, that was great in 2002

jaggies everywhere?

haven't seen that since 2002 either

20-30 frames?

nope, not in pc land, its 60 everywhere

screen tearing?

lol, no, that's why v-sync was invented

peer to peer garbage servers?

ummm, no, dedicated please

pay to play hd remakes??

yeah, no, I'll just emulate any game ever made on ps2, ps1, gamecube, wii, ds, psp, NES, SNES, etc. all in hd for free with the copies I already own 100% legally and pc backwards compatibility going back to the 1980's

console gaming is dying

ps4 xbox1 are the last of the dinosaurs

it will not end pretty for them either

enjoy the tarpits