Top 5 Dogs in Gaming

BT writes: Recently I have had the pleasure of taking care of my parent’s dachshunds. By pleasure, I of course mean the pleasure of being barked at around the clock, cleaning up after one of them after he has his war flashbacks (which war is up for grabs, since he barks in Cantonese, German, Russian, and three dialects of Sumerian when he gets going and is often found asking for bayonets), and having my productivity reduced to next to nothing as I clean pee from everywhere outside of the wee-wee pads I set up.

Still, I think we’re coming to an understanding (I’ve managed to teach them to play Donkey Konga at least) and I’ve decided to share some examples of dogs who I believe might inspire them to greater heights. The dogs on this list are lovable, highly skilled, and the very definition of man’s best friend. So kick back and relax as I share my picks for the greatest dogs in gaming. The only rule is that it does have to be a canine, or at least a canine shape (Sorry, D.O.G. and the pet chain-chomp from Link’s Awakening).

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