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The scope of Disney Interactive’s ‘Disney Infinity’ is mind-boggling, both in a fiscal-sense and within the game. With over $100 million invested over the multiyear development of the title, Disney spared no expense creating a highly customizable and expansive framework for children to explore and to safely create and share.

Disney Infinity takes full advantage of Disney and Pixar’s endless supply of classic and modern characters, offering ‘toys’ from almost every Disney franchise ever made. Along with the characters comes the famous settings, stages, and items, all corresponding with each of the classic stories. That’s just a few of the key elements of ‘Disney Infinity,’ the real magic happens when you start creating with them.

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NicSage2817d ago

Thank you very much for this review! Well written, I picked up Everything today with all the discounts around the internet I saved almost 50%.

Can't wait to play this with my son & daughter.