Disney Infinity review: Toy game doesn't live up to Disney name | Digital Spy

DS writes: The freedom and imagination encouraged by the Toy Box isn't for everyone, and there is a clunky interface you have to become accustomed to. But it's great for anyone who likes to explore user-generated content.

However, if the idea of the Toy Box doesn't sound appealing, Disney Infinity offers little.

Though they are well-designed and crafted, the figures themselves don't feel essential to the actual gameplay, certainly not in the same way the Skylanders toys are.

Add to that dull core mechanics and some clumsily-designed campaigns and you have a largely forgettable game that, Toy Box mode aside, doesn't do the esteemed Disney name justice.

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Hmm I've seen a lot of mediocre review scores so far with a couple decent to good ones.

Looks like like need a bit more content.