Batman Arkham Origins Teases Reveal Coming In Three Days Via Instagram and Twitter

An Arkham Origins announcement is coming in three days, and this is known thanks to some photos that were tweeted/posted on Twitter and Instagram by Batman Arkham Origins.

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Legion212817d ago

I'm really excited for this game, one of the last current gen games I'll be buying. Hopefully the multiplayer is as good as it seems.

Lord_Frieza2817d ago

i hope they let you play as Nolan's Batman

vivid832817d ago

Hope it's not a co-op story mode ..... I work alone.

Insomnia_842817d ago

Next gen Batman Origins maybe?

Kalebninja2817d ago (Edited 2817d ago )

that would be stupid everyone who's gnna play the game already have the system its gnna be on there's no reason to make a next gen version for a measly graphics update

Williamson2817d ago

Really looking forward to this game since arkham city is one my favorite games of this gen, I'm hoping for a next gen version even though it was already shot down.

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