IGN- Disney Infinity Review

IGN: Full imagination and charm, Disney Infinity really brings your toys to life.

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NukaCola2826d ago

I was never into Skylanders but this game seems pretty cool. I absolutely loved Toy Story 3 the game's Toy Box mode. Disney needed polish but the overall experience was so much fun.

showtimefolks2826d ago

correct me if i am wrong but isn't skylander the same thing with different characters?

ShinMaster2825d ago

Pretty much.

These games exist to get people to buy toys. $10 character DLC.

GreatGamePlay2825d ago

$10 character DLC.....Kingdom Hearts.....probably not.....

NBT912825d ago

Not exactly. Half of Infinity's appeal is the toy box, where you can build levels / games using anything you unlocked, so you can fuse Toy Story with Pirates or whatever else you can imagine. Skylanders doesn't have that or the general appeal of Disney.

I think Infinity looks pretty good, but a couple of the flaws mentioned have me slightly skeptic.

andrewsqual2825d ago

The toy scam thing is yes but no this is actually a well thought out game that deserves the review scores it will be getting. The guys who made this made the ingeniously fun Toy Story 3 game. Skylanders is just button mashing your way through a boring and uninspired level every single time.

mikeslemonade2825d ago

Wow this is a game that totally came out from left-field and under my radar. Since Batman Arkam Asylum there hasn't been a gem like this.

UltimateMaster2825d ago

Yay, more crap!
The parents new worst nightmare!

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badz1492825d ago (Edited 2825d ago )

there is so many kissass in this shameless review it's not even funny! it's a game about shameless milking of characters and rely heavily on shameless microtransactions for the full experience!

the gameplay doesn't even look good or fun to begin with and they seriously hoping for people to spend more money on this POS? no wonder gaming in general is going downhill when scam like this are given praise by the 'supposedly' gaming centered website!

Retroman2825d ago (Edited 2825d ago )

I would not buy ANYTHING!!! from Walter Luis DISNEY
he's part of illuminati trade his soul in 1932 to be a member. its their job to lie and deceive the public on gimmicky products.

your right badz149

OhMyGandhi2825d ago

The same people who spent money on skylanders...AKA moms and dads buying for their kids.

I rather they play these kinds of games, then jumping on whatever popular online first person shooter is relevant for the day, grabbing a mic, and shouting incessantly for no particular reason to ruin my day.

kariyanine2825d ago

No one is making you buy or play anything. Much like with any game, the experience you get out of it is exactly what you put into it.

I'm assuming you feel the same way about every game that has character DLC, extra levels, etc...? Or are only some games that features DLC a shameless attempt to grab people's money?

-Foxtrot2826d ago

WTF is up with Sullys face

JonnyBigBoss2826d ago

You didn't get the memo? He has downs.

GentlemenRUs2826d ago

The community of today, Honestly what will they think of next...

The model might be a little off but its nothing compared to what you just said!

SilentNegotiator2825d ago (Edited 2825d ago )

Large eyes, upwards facing nose (looks a LOT less like a canine nose in Infinity), thin upper lip (well, because there's no lips), smooth philtrum (Sully had a defined philtrum in the movies)...Sully has EXACTLY the typical defects of a person with downsyndrome.

It was even worse with Skylander's Spyro; he had bags under his eyes, too.

Granted, JBB's comment wasn't exactly...couth. But it is true; he looks like he has downsyndrome.

It looks bad when compared, because it draws attention to the features that would have made the original Sulley look that way:

Geovanny2826d ago (Edited 2826d ago )

Sullys face aint on point

Ripsta7th2826d ago

Whats up w da hipster BG on da article though?? and dont mostly kids go on gaming sites such as IGN?

joe902826d ago (Edited 2826d ago )

@Ripsta7th You used the word "da" in the place of "The"

I don't think you have the right to judge anyone,do you?

Ripsta7th2825d ago

Wait so i have to write perfect or wat???? I can write however i want as long as u understand wat im saying

TheArtfulDodger2825d ago

I believe he was saying you cannot judge the 'kids' that go on gaming sites when you type like a 12 year old.

RockmanII72826d ago

But Saints Row 4 gets a 7.3

matrixman922825d ago

the 86 metascore disagrees with you

KonsoruMasuta2825d ago (Edited 2825d ago )

COD also gets highscores. Does that make it a masterpiece full of innovation and ground breaking ideas?

fsfsxii2825d ago

I would like to hear your opinion on upcoming games too.
You seem to have played the game to call it "trash"

SilentNegotiator2825d ago

The game isn't even out.

How can you call it trash? Because it isn't enough like GTA for you?

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Heartnet2826d ago

saints row games have never been about quality xD

TheArtfulDodger2825d ago

Just pure hilarious genius.

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